Dog Friendly Fernandina Beach, FL

I really loved Fernandina Beach. The mooring field was close enough to the marina docks for several walks a day - and close enough for the humans to get wi-fi at our mooring (Whatever that means. Is it cheese? No? Then I don't care to know). The town is full of perfectly wonderful humans of just the right age and inclination to perceive what a wonderful animal I am and stop me at every opportunity to tell me how adorable I am. Of this I am aware, but I do enjoy the acknowledgement.

There's a Saturday market with all sorts of good things like cheese, cured meats, pastries. What did the foolish humans buy? Vile weeds. I think they need help. 

Thankfully, there were plenty of other opportunities for pastries, cheese, ice cream, and for me to collect another thousand or so compliments. Fernandina Beach was the perfect stop for 4 legged furries to enjoy. 

Water bowls on every block. If only this were a cheese station! 
Downtown Fernandina Beach
Saturday Market 
Bakery! Now you are talking!  
Cheese! Heaven!
Local Music
Downtown Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Harbour Marina and Mooring Field
What's your favorite town to walk? Does it have a cheese shop? 

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  1. Favourite town . . . hmmmm. That's a tough one. I don't like towns much but we used to live on Coronado Island in San Diego and it was nice to walk around by the Hotel Del and along the main streets -- nice restaurants, shops, a great view of the harbour, and plenty of cheese!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. And you can sit back on the beach drinking a nice cool drink while watching Navy guys train!

  2. We all liked Fernandina Beach as well. But, the best beaches or towns are still the ones with no leash laws! It is hard to pick a favorite town... It would have to be one where everything is in walking distance and where historical buildings and parks alternate, and where the food is diverse and inexpensive! :-) Santa Marta in Columbia comes to mind right now.

    1. Santa Marta sounds great! It'll be on our list for sure.


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