North on the Intracoastal: Winyah Bay, Georgetown and Waccamaw River, SC

Winyah Bay, ICW, SC
Winyah Bay current
We followed markers for the inlet - which are red right returning. (Heading north, the red intracoastal markers have been on the left - red = land side) Are we leaving, or returning? We haven’t been here before, so how can we be returning? So, red markers on the left, unless they are on the right, right?

Headed to Georgetown and tied up at the town’s floating free day docks. We had lunch sitting in a shady waterfront park, and every person walking by stopped to talk to us. We’re not in Miami, that’s for sure. We  walked the harbor walk, and headed back out. 

Georgetown, SC Harborwalk
Georgetown Harborwalk
Georgetown Harborwalk
Northbound, ICW, South Carolina
Captain hard at work!
Intracoastal Tanin Water
Makes you want to jump right in!
We stopped to get diesel and pump out at Bucksport Plantation Marina & RV Resort (although the “Resort” part is open to interpretation). Upon discovering that dockage was .75 cents a foot ($27 for us), Hastings voted to stay here the night so he could run his A/C and have a proper evening and morning walk.  
Bucksport Marina, ICW, South Carolina
Bucksport Marina
Departed: MM 406, Winyah Bay
Docked: MM 377, Bucksport Marina

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  1. The harbor walk in Georgetown looks nice. I'm all for that water to turn blue, though! Will you swap this Georgetown for the one in the Bahamas this winter?

    1. Absolutely - we are definitely looking forward to swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Bahama this winter!

  2. .75 a foot is a great price! I can see why Hastings voted for an overnight there.


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