More Relaxing, AKA Exhaustion, and the Horse Stalker Strikes Again.

Cape Lookout, NC

Another “relaxing day” another “death by dinghy”. LHI is driving and DDD is supposed to get off the dinghy and walk it in, while keeping me in the boat. DDD thinks this sounds too pedestrian and decides to catapult off. I see an opening, leap off, and start swimming for shore. Every man and beast for themselves! 

We walk the beach and get back to the dinghy for more trauma. There’s sudden confusion about left and right and fast and slow and we execute turns that have me terrified for my life. I get into DDD's lap. It’s true what they say about women drivers. All of this because LHI wanted to see the wild horses on the beach. We found horse poo, but no horses. We had to wade for literally miles to get back to the dinghy because the water is so shallow. This relaxing is exhausting. 
Wading for miles, MILES

Cape Lookout, still. 

Apparently we are still here because 1. the humans are lazy and 2. the humans want to see stars. Instead of stars, we’ve had thunderstorms every night and they get up and batten down hatches and put laptops in the oven. The laptops come out as laptops and not brownies, so I’m not sure what the point is, other than to deliver more disappointment and despair. (They claim the oven protects the laptops from lightning damage. How about if we just took down the lightning rod? Wouldn't that be a better system?)

Stormy Sunset
2AM Storms!
Today, we walked the beach. The humans kept putting me in the dinghy and leaving me there and I kept getting out and running to them. Weird. 
Then we got back to the boat and I laid down for a much-needed nap, just to get woken up to dinghy to the horse beach. The LHI had seen them through her spy goggles and we had to go now, now, now. Yep, another relaxing day!
Wild Horses at Shackelford Banks
Don't tell anyone I'm actually having a nice time!
Wild Horses at Shackelford Banks, Cape Lookout Lighthouse
Wild Horses at Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout Lighthouse

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  1. I'm with Hastings on this one. Things that go in and out of the oven should be brownies, not laptops. Poor Hastings.

  2. Hastings, you're killing me with cuteness!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. It's painful! (But he does look like he was secretly having a good time when he thought we weren't looking!)

  3. Those wild horses on the beach in front of the lighthouse look awesome! Did Hastings try to chase them? Our oven wasn't big enough to contain all our laptops and gadgets. We had to pick and choose. Luckily, nothing ever fried on our boat, except tortillas and onion rings.

    1. We stalked the beach from our boat - and even though we were at Cape Lookout for 4 days we only saw them on the beach this once.
      Hastings mostly ignored the horses. He's not sure if they are a threat to his cheese supply, so it's best just to pretend they don't exist!


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