Independence Tour

Lagoon 380 S2 Owners Version - Independence - Tour

Independence is a 2005 Lagoon 380 S2. The Lagoon 380 is one of the most popular catamarans ever built, with 700 hulls manufactured and countless circumnavigations under their hulls. The boat is the perfect size for a cruising couple to handle on their own and the layout cannot be beat. The owner’s version features the entire starboard hull dedicated to one stateroom with head and separate shower forward and queen sized berth aft. The port hull features two staterooms and a shared head in between. The raised saloon features a small galley, navigation station and dinette…plus stunning 360 degree views.

Independence’s first 10 years were spent as a charter boat in the BVI, when she was known as “Annie’s Toy”. Through proper ceremonies and offerings to King Neptune, this name has been expunged from the Great One’s records and she now has the easy life of being constantly pampered by Matt, Lucy and Hastings. 
Independence, Bimini Islands, Bahamas


Perfect for a cooked brunch with mimosas, grilled lunch with cerveza, sweating over your sewing project, cursing over boat projects, and forgetting your 1st world problems with a sundowner! For more on the cockpit see:  Terrace Upgrades


We replaced the white white standard salon table with a smaller bistro table.
Moving it really opened up our space. The seat cushions hide quite deep storage where pantry items and etcetera are stored. Matt likes to rearrange all of our storage, in the night, alone, just to keep me on my toes. It's an experiment to see how fast I can dial the divorce lawyer. See Salon Upgrades for more details. 


Most things in our galley stack or hang. Stacking dishes, cups, nesting cookware. We don't miss our dishwasher or full size fridge or microwave. The galley is perfect for accidentally burning down the boat via a runaway teacloth caught in the hob, cutting off your fingers (again, accidentally), and a lot of general swearing.
Galley / kitchen. Everything we need, nothing we don't! 

Owner's Cabin

Our cabin is so cozy. I love the wood walls and our precious hard copy books! We bought a new mattress after Matt couldn't sleep. For more on our cabin see: Comfort in the Cabin 
Owner's cabin (our bedroom).
Owner's head (toilet)

Guest Cabin

The guest head is not pictured, because only Borrower sized persons intent on being persecuted could fit into it, let alone manage to take a photo. I exaggerate. A little. (Matt has just informed me he did not read the Borrowers as a child. Another failure of the American school system.)
Guest Cabin
Definitely a distinct need for more throw pillows in the guest cabin!


  • Hard top
  • Electric toilets
  • Radar
  • New rigging
  • New sails, including a square top mainsail and new Mack Pack
  • Hypalon dinghy with Yamaha 15 hp 2 stroke
  • Flex o fold props
  • New Emergency Escape Hatches, 

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