Blogging is the Worst: Catch Up / Update / Drivel from the Last 15 months!

Here's the thing. I haven't blogged in ages. And it's not because we died or got divorced or sold the boat. After a break due to boat yard work, etc, etc...it just got harder and harder to restart the blog. If you're really interested in our day to day minutiae, all three of us are better at maintaining our Instagram accounts. Matt @ captmattcfi, Lucy @boatlifelarks, Chelsea @chelsea_the_sailing_lakie. 

So, super-fast update since my last post over a year ago, and then maybe I'll blog more than every 15 months or so. But, be prepared for a bunch of Chelsea blogs because she's much funnier and cuter than Matt or I.

2019: There's a lot of crying into handkerchiefs over 2020, but honestly, 2020 has been OK for us. We have yet to kill off any family members and haven't spend a single day in a boat yard. Winning. Now 2019, that was the worst. Our beloved family member, Hastings, died in October at the age of 14. He was, of course, the best person/dog we knew and we miss him terribly. And we spent about 265 days in the boat yard doing stuff. What stuff? No-one knows or cares, and no-one knows why it took us so long to do so little. 

We finally launched Dec 16, 2019 and were on our merry way for a winter shakedown cruise down the ICW. Sounds terrible, but, because some of the stuff included a complete enclosure and a wood stove, was actually OK. And we had the waterways and anchorages to ourselves, which was pretty nice! 

Launch day! Check out the pretty sea foam paint and copper coat bottom paint that killed my soul! 

Winter cruising
In March, we crossed to the Bahamas and sat in a canal in Port Lucaya on lockdown. That got pretty tedious and we didn't know how the rest of 2020 would shake out so we came back to the Florida.
Our canal in Lucaya, Grand Bahama
May: ICW north to VA for hurricane season

June: We adopted Chelsea, the cutest, funniest dog ever.
July: It was hot.
Just like the cruise lines, we provide deck side swimming pools to our guests!
August: It was really hot.
Chelsea enjoying a sandbar in Deltaville, VA 
Sep: Less hot.
Lifeline netting to keep the dog on board. 

October: Why are we still doing boat projects? Does it never end?

November: ICW and offshore passages south. Hatred of power boats. Wondering why the weather is always so grumpy. 
Dismal Swamp. Obviously, 2020. 
December: Loitering in Fernandina Beach, waiting for our radar to be fixed. Wondering why it's so cold in Florida. I also just hand sewed a 16 inch tear in my pants. Just in case you are wondering what day to day excitement we endure. 

What drivel are you most interested in? Anything I've missed? A boring list of what we did in the boat yard? Cruising during COVID (also boring)? Working from the boat (boring)? If you don't chime in now, you'll be doomed to reading endless posts in the theme "my dog is the cutest," "the way my dog plays with her frisbee is the best," and "my dog sleeping is the sweetest."
P.S. The way Admiral Chelsea sits at the helm is just the best. 

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  1. That's really nice post. I appreciate your skills, Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm still reading and, yes, your dog is the cutest! My Googling skills tell me that she's local to the Lake District. Beautiful part of the country. I'm looking forward to the spring so I can start doing some hiking up there. I also agree that 2019 sucked royally and, while 2020 sucks, it doesn't compare.

    Merry Christmas, y'all!

    1. Thanks for still reading and following along! Chelsea's British to the core-ness was proved yesterday: it was pouring rain, freezing cold, and windy, and she was outside on deck, playing with her tennis ball, wondering why we were inside next to the fire. She's lucky though, her wire coat dries instantly. Let's just hope we can all make it to 2021 in one piece.

  3. Yay! Welcome back. Still following your adventures, but don’t care too much about the boring parts. Been there, done that kind of thing. Photos of Chelsea work and will keep working for me. But, I don’t agree she’s the cutest dog. That’s Maya, of course. :-)

    1. Thanks for reading! I think we can both agree that boat projects are boring but dogs are amazing!

  4. Sorry to hear that Hastings is no longer with you. I enjoyed reading about his (mis)adventures in the dinghy and his application to be a bahamian pig. Looking forward to your future explorations w Chelsea.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I obviously have a lot of trouble keeping this page going, but Chelsea has her own instagram page @Chelsea_the_sailing_lakie

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  7. Hello Matt, Lucy and Chelsea ... been such a long time since we were in New Bern in 2018 preparing our boats for Hurricane Florence and the amazing help on Mary Doll that Matt gave be as a new 2007 Lagoon 420 owner - totally intimidated by the boat back then: Matt's calm nature but super-knowledge gave me confidence - THANK YOU!!!! Well couldn't believe that I saw your stunningly beautiful boat in Bridgeton Marina on Friday while I was just pottering about on my tender - doing my "boat Nerd" thing ... will e-mail you today! Mike from "Mary Doll".


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