Cheerless in Charleston

How does your garden grow? 
We’ve been gone from the boat for a few weeks to visit family.
In our absence, the boat has grown a very vibrant underwater forest on our sugar-water bottom paint. Maggots have overtaken our food storage. The only easy day was yesterday...

Don’t worry, a beer will solve all problems! A hornet had the same thought and drowned itself in my glass. I laid in bed and a cockroach crawled over my pillow. Fret not, I have my e-reader to entertain me. Nothing cheers me up like reading about the miseries the pioneers faced heading west! And the e-reader’s battery died it’s final death.

Grasshoppers! Are you serious? Shouldn’t it at least be locusts?

Obviously, we’ve got a lot of work to do, but it’s un-likely we’ll get it done as we’re like ants being fried under a magnifying glass. There’s always tomorrow….. 

What cheers you up? The miseries of others? (If so, I hope I've added joy to your life today) An actual comedy? Brownies? (Brownies would cheer me up, but Im too hot and lazy to make them!)

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  1. One of the annoyances of leaving the boat for a (little) while is all the prep work ahead of time and the cleaning up when getting back. I hope all the uninvited guests will leave, the battery will be replaced soon and that no "mushrooms" started growing during your absence!

    1. We actually decided to pay someone to clean the bottom (the first time we've ever not done it ourselves). The three knot current and murky water made it very un-appealing.
      I've had this e-reader for 7 years (it's a first generation) so actually ordered a refurbished waterproof one. I'm at a loss without an e-reader!
      We wipe everything with a borax solution and really don't have too many issues with the M-word, thankfully.

  2. Every time I think that we've got it tough in the PNW with the climate, I just think about how hot, muggy and bug friendly other cruising grounds can be. But wow! That's really fast to have maggots move in and take over your food.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. We had a mini-moo explode (on of those single serve half and half coffee creamers), so that attracted the bugs. Fortunately, it was the tiniest bit of milk and we seem to eradicated the problem. If we had any more burst, we would have had to sink the boat. Off-milk is literally the worst problem that could happen!

  3. Oh my. Maggots, cockroaches, an underwater forest. There ain't enough insect free beer to make up for that. :-(


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