North on the Intracoastal: Charleston, SC to Winyah Bay, SC

We're headed north on the Intracoastal Waterway, aka the ICW! Many boaters get beaten down by the intracoastal, run aground, sell the boat, get a divorce. What traumas await? At which Mile Marker will we run aground? Will Hastings finally run away? Do divorce lawyers advertise in our Cruising Guide? The anticipation is almost too much!

Sailing under Ravenel Bridge, Charleston, SC
Leaving Charleston
We left at slack current and waited on a bridge. Headed north past quaint houses with long docks over the salt marshes. 
OK, I'm bored!

Houses along the ICW, South Carolina
The dockhouse matches their house! Yay!
Hot summer day with lots of boats out enjoying their weekend. Finally storm clouds gathered and blocked the beastly, never ending sun. 

Sailing north on the ICW, South Carolina
Enjoying the ICW
Saltwater Marshes, Northbound, ICW, South Carolina
Saltwater Marshes, ICW, South Carolina
Storm over the ICW, South Carolina
Storm Clouds, northbound on the ICW
We anchored in 25 knot winds and a 3 knot current in Winyah Bay. I then read our Cruising Guide which states “do not be tempted to anchor here. Do not underestimate the power of the immense amounts of water rushing in and out the inlet”. 

Since there was a thunderstorm just to the east producing 60 knot winds and hail, we were tempted. We set our anchor, turned the boat into a war zone against flies and mosquitos, got a free rinse off, and went to bed. Independence didn’t move an inch. In fact, our anchor has never failed us.

Departed: MM 467, Charleston
Arrived: MM 406, Winyah Bay

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  1. Boaters getting beat down, running aground, divorcing and selling their boats? Sounds dangerous! Thank god you have Hastings there to protect you guys. Seriously though, I'm so glad you guys are doing the ICW. It's something I've wanted to do for years and now I have the chance to live vicariously through you.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Hastings has been working overtime! It's been a lot of fun. That may change if we run aground - apparently it's the thing to do.

  2. Yes! Everyone runs aground at least once in the ICW. Even with a catamaran. Our turn happened heading south, in Florida, cutting a green marker too close. I think the more north you progress, the less chance of running aground. Our dogs loved the ICW, because of the "flat" conditions. We liked it, because of the "easy" day trips and sights to see along the way. We wouldn't do it a second time, though. If people already divorce on the ICW, it is probably for the best, since longer sailing trips out in the ocean are much more challenging in my opinion...

    1. Yes, Hastings definitely enjoys day trips on the intracoastal over passages on the ocean - and he's guaranteed a trip to land. I find paying attention hard, so watching the markers and channels has been my challenge. At least I have Matt and Hastings to keep me in line!


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