St Mary's, Georgia

St. Mary's is a sweet stop, up St. Mary's river from the intracoastal. It's refreshing to be on an actual river with twists and turns instead of a straight cut canal.

We had to anchor twice - we were not satisfied with our swing room the first time. Southern Georgia has quite the tidal range (8 ft) and the the associated currents call for extra care: with our two hulls creating additional windage, sometimes we will swing with the wind like a a power boat while our monohull sailing friends are swinging with the current. 

The town is very small and very walkable- it's centerpiece is a charming waterfront park. St. Mary's hosts the National Park Service visitor center; ferries bound for Cumberland Island depart here.

For visiting boaters, there is a free day use dock for small boats and dinghies - very convenient for dog walks! It's also apparently very quiet. There were two small boats at the dock, and one boat at the boat ramp, and a local said he had never seen it so busy. A little slower paced than the 300 boats an hour we are used to seeing at Miami boat ramps! 

St. Mary's, GA waterfront
Waterfront park fountain
Sailboat departing the anchorage, St. Mary's, GA
Sailboat departing the anchorage
Waterfront Park, St. Mary's, GA
Enjoying the waterfront swings
Schooner, St Mary's, GA
St Mary's sunset from our Lagoon sailing catamaran
Sunsets at anchor are the best! What's your favorite spot to watch the sunset? 

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time visiting all the places we'd like to get to one day on our boat. Hastings looks like he might be wasting away though - give him so more cheese :-)

    1. I gave him the lasts bite of my Italian sub at your suggestion. He says thank you!

  2. The sunsets aren't very good along the Inside Passage because of all the mountains, but we did the west coast of Vancouver Island a couple of years ago and they were amazing!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. But then you have the mountain view instead, and that's hard to beat!

  3. St. Mary's looks nice. We never made it there with Irie, but we heard they have some cool cruiser's events during the winter season. Sunsets in the Caribbean were pretty good, better than on passage or than in the Pacific.

    1. Sunsets in the Caribbean sound good - and you can always cool off with a nice swim there!


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