San Juan Skyway, Colorado

Colorado walking path
Road Trip = plenty of walks!
We took two nights to drive the San Juan Skyway in southern Colorado. Part of this 236 mile loop road is called the "Million Dollar Highway". It has steep drop offs and switchbacks and was pretty exciting after years of driving in Florida, the land of straight, flat and wide.  

The road drives through Silverton, a Victorian silver and gold mining town; Ouray, which features hot springs; Telluride and Durango. Hastings loved all the hiking and cooler temperatures at altitude. 

We then stopped for a night at Mesa Verde National Park and toured cliff dwellings that were built by Native Americans in the 1300s. 
Red Mountain Pass, 11,000 feet
Animas River, Colorado
Silverton, CO
Rushing Stream, San Juan Skyway 
Ouray, CO: The Switzerland of America 
Ouray, Colorado Main Street
Cascade Falls, Ouray, CO
Cascade Falls, Ouray, CO
Hastings loved hiking in Colorado!
San Juan Skyway
Another roadside stream!
Stars over Mesa Verde National Park Lodge
Stars over Mesa Verde National Park 
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde. 
Cliff Palace Tour 
Climbing out of Balcony House
Native Americans would climb down to their cliff residences using ropes and hand holds. Would you scale down a cliff to get home every night? I have a bit of a height issue, so it's not something I would enjoy! 

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  1. Those are amazing pictures of the stars! We loved Mesa Verde - such a fascinating place. Looks like Hastings is having a good time. There must be plentiful supplies of cheese on hand.

    1. Yes, Matt and Hastings had plenty of cheese combos, no actual cheese or nutrition value provided!

  2. Great pictures all around! I really like your use of lighting, especially in the night shots. And now, for some reason, I'm left with an overwhelming desire to take a road trip.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Me too, Stephanie!!! I wish the summer was a bit longer so I could fit this in!

    2. Thanks! The blog looks much better when Matt takes over the photography. It takes a road trip for that to happen - on the boat he's too busy with projects!

  3. Just like when tent camping, I would dread to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night if I lived in a cliff town! Beautiful shots, guys. I'm with Stephanie... completely ready for a road trip to Colorado!

    1. Yes- and I sometimes decide the best tactic is to stop drinking water at 5, and then lay awake thirsty!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Amazing pictures. I too fell in love with Colorado. I am loving the journey I am taking with you.

    1. Thanks so much Stacy! Colorado was beautiful, and we only saw a small part!


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