Passage Notes: St. Mary's, GA to Charleston, SC

In preparation for our passage to South Carolina, I made passage brownies in St Mary's in the feels like 113 degree heat. I added heath bars and have to say - they were worth the sweating!

We departed St. Mary's, GA Monday morning and covered the 159 miles to Charleston in 34 hours, arriving late Tuesday afternoon. We did have a 6 month old reef line chafe right through, but otherwise the passage was boring.

Hastings slept about 99.9% of the time, awaking only to offer his services to clean up the pasta salad that ended up all over the floor when I opened the fridge right as a wave hit. 

St. Mary's Georgia fountain
Beautiful, sleepy and quaint St. Mary's, GA
Boat dog Hastings sailing
Hastings on watch
Dolphins, Atlantic Ocean
Dolphins! We have always been joined by curious dolphins on ocean passages. They see us from afar, and come over to check us out. Where are the whales???
What's your favorite traveling snack? Do you add any delicious, amazing ingredients to your brownies?

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