Man-O-War Cay Photo Tour

Man-O-War Cay is another Abacos island we visited on several occasions: in picture perfect sunny weather, in clouds and rain, and during a thunderstorm. 

Like most Bahamian Islands, it was settled by loyalists. Today, the island remains committed to it's religious and boat building heritage. Any reviews of the island mention front and center, in shock and despair: no alcohol, no smoking, no gambling. We really liked the quieter, less touristy vibe and I loved the grocery store; it was big, clean, and had everything! 
Man O War Settlement Map
Man-O-War street map. Love it!
Man-O-War Beach Anchorage
North Beach Anchorage (and star fish!) 
Man-O-War Atlantic and Sea side beaches, North Beach
Abaco Sea on the left, Atlantic Ocean on the right
Man-O-War Beach Shelter and Scripture
Beach Shelter and Scripture
On Trip #2 to Man-O-War, we had inclement weather and picked up a mooring in the harbour. 
Man-O-War Harbour
Harbour and Moorings
Man-O-War Moorings
Man-O-War Harbour
Man-O-War wooden boat
Wooden boat
Man-O-War wooden boat
I love the textures on this wooden boat!
 There's a sweet conch shell and conch horn stand in town with a honor pay box. We picked up a horn to blow at sunset, a Bahamian tradition. 
Conch Shells and Conch Horns, Bahamas
Conch horns and shells
Residential streets were lined with cut-out picket fences, bright bougainvillea, and conch shells. Lovely!
Man-O-War street with cute cut out pineapple fence, shells, and pink bougainvillea
 The Mermaid Cottage looked so perfect, and it was "For Sale!" Mermaid Cottage
Each street led to the Atlantic Beach.  
Beach Access painted rock, Man O War, Abacos
Man-O-War beach
Atlantic Beach
Matt and Hastings taking a shade break
Man-O-War Cay: home to the ferry system! 
Do you think you could build a boat without a refreshing beverage or smoke to look forward to at the end of the day? 

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  1. I remember finding tortillas at Man-O-War Cay and being surprised how reasonably they were priced at. It's a cute island.

    1. Just imagine how excited you'll be when you are back at Wal-Mart staring at an aisle of tortillas! The scenery won't be quite the same though.


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