Hope Town: A Photo Tour

Welcome to Hope Town sign
 We visited Hope Town, Elbow Cay, on three separate occasions:
1. 5 days anchored "outside" in slumville.
2. Took the kids to see the lighthouse. A dark storm was gathering as we neared Elbow Cay, but we thought we could beat it! We hit a 30 knot gust front in the entrance channel and then it started absolutely pouring as we picked up a mooring.
3. A final night on a mooring as we started to make our way back to the U.S. 

Hope Town is unlike any other Bahamian town we have visited. It's so touristy! It's so cute! So green and vibrant! We really loved it. 
"Very exclusive marina" - North Elbow Cay
Mileage signs, North Elbow Cay
Hastings got lifted up and down a lot of ladders!
Hope Town Harbour moorings
Hope Town Moorings - can you spot Independence? 
Hope Town Harbour
Hope Town hosts a lot of moorings (all from different vendors; good luck!) and has tons of dinghy docks. It's very boater friendly and all the charter boats love it (and provide plenty of free entertainment). 
Hope Town Sailing Club dinghy dock
Sailing club dinghy dock
Elbow Cay beachfront
All the houses were vacation rentals and were so cute!
 There are no motorized vehicles allowed in the main part of town. It's the perfect place to wander on foot.
Hope Town walking street
Narrow street
Matt especially loved the lighthouse. It is one of the few lighthouses that is still kerosene lit and hand operated. 
Hope Town Lighthouse
Hope Town lighthouse stairway
Lighthouse stairway
There are a number of eateries and bars in Hope Town; Munchies snack bar was the best! 
Munchies snack bar
Hastings enjoyed the blue cookie monster ice cream from Munchies, and walks on the beach. 
"What ice cream?" 
Beautiful Hope Town at sunset.
Hope Town harbour lights.
The ferry. It's not happy until you are soaked, your plates are smashed, and you're aground off the channel. 
Do you have a favorite lighthouse? 

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  1. I love lighthouses, and we visit them whenever we have the chance. I think my favourite would have to be Yaquina Head in Newport, Oregon -- they allowed visitors to go up and the view was amazing! Love the pictures from Hope Town, btw.

    1. Yaquina Head lighthouse looks beautiful. I love the rugged coastline!

  2. I feel the same way about some of the ferry drivers in Cayo Costa Florida. I swear they are trying to catch my anchor ball even when the anchorage is mostly empty.

    1. We like to say "it's because we are just so attractive they can't help but want to get close to us!" - it's probably the same for you too!

  3. Hope Town is one of our favorites in the Bahamas as well, especially when it comes to cuteness, scenery and cleanliness! Some of these photos look very familiar - I have the doubles! :-)

    1. I guess it hasn't changed much. It's the perfect touristy town!

  4. Like Liesbet, I think I have duplicates of a lot of those photos too :-) Hope Town is probably my favorite settlement in the Abacos.


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