The Abacos: Little Harbour and Tilloo Bank

We sailed about 60 from Meeks Patch by Spanish Wells to Little Harbour, Abacos. It was a great downwind sail to a new island chain! The best part? We re-united with one of our first Bahamas cruising friends, Ñandú. We first met in the Berry Islands in March and have been stalking them ever since. 

A full sun dog and partial sun dog on our sail to the Abacos 
Sailboats on moorings, Pete's Pub, Little Harbour
Pete's Pub at Little Harbour
We then motored to Sandy Cay for snorkeling. A charter cat anchored literally right on top of us. This is going to be entertaining! We headed to Tilloo Bank to anchor, and several charter boats tried very hard to run us down. I kept alterering course to steer clear. I'd say they thought chicken was fun, but I actually think they just aren't paying any attention. There are a lot of boats in the Abacos, and a lot of them are chartered by vacationers who are having way too much of a good time. 

Elkhorn coral, Sandy Cay, Abacos
Snorkeling at Sandy Cay - check out the Elkhorn coral! 
Nurse shark, Sandy Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
Nurse shark, Sandy Cay 
On our way to Tilloo, a storm cloud appeared. Will we make it 2 miles to our anchorage before it pours? No! At least we didn't have a closer encounter with this waterspout. 
Water spout, off Tilloo Bank, Abacos
Tilloo Bank was really beautiful - it reminded us of the Exumas! We also had dolphins hang out by our boat for a few hours. If you can survive the charter boats and ferries, the Abacos are OK! 
Sailing catamaran anchored off TIlloo Bank, Abacos, Bahamas
Tilloo Bank, Abacos
Dolphins, Tilloo Bank, Abacos
Dolphins, Tilloo Bank
Are you more afraid of inexperienced drivers or stormy weather? 

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  1. It's been a pleasure to meet all three of you along the way. In fact we're missing you now. We are going to start stalking you.

    To answer your question: both.

    1. :-)
      We're actually down at Tilloo again and thinking of heading back to Pete's Pub to find the caves!


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