Day 2, Enroute to NC: Calms and Squalls

June 14
5pm: Napping all day today. Hastings approves of the napping and snacking schedule but is sad about the lack of walks. Currently going at 2.5 knots and it's hot, still and sunny. The M&M's we have hoarded have been opened.
8:15pm: Another sunset drama. We jibed and reefed to avoid a storm. Then we reefed again and took in the jib. We got about 30 knots in the gust front, then jibed back on course. Sadly, we snapped the lazy jacks (lines that keep the sail organized when it's dropped) in the second jibe. It's now cold and windy but great to be making proper speeds- 6 knots. How long will this last?
11pm. Very black, overcast with no moon or stars. 2 knots. Maybe we should run the engines.

June 15
3am. Start starboard engine to try and keep away from a storm. (Lightning phobia)
5am. Engine off, storm avoided. We've seen a few more tankers but not a single smaller boat.
8am. Total distance traveled- 195 miles. 86 miles over the last 24 hours. Pathetic!

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