Day 3: Hastings votes for a cabin in the woods

June 16
12am. The sea state is beastly. It feels like a horrid washing machine. The boat surfs one way, careens another, the jib flails in the wave's trough. It's better at the helm- stars are out, watching the wake. Making 7 knots in the Gulf Stream.
8am- Matt ended up doing 10 hours of shifts overnight, I managed 2. Hastings voted for a cabin in the woods. I too would rather look at trees being green than be green myself.
The waves are coming at our beam, while the wind is off our stern.
We put 2 reefs in the main and rolled in the jib last night as a storm approached but we stayed out of most of it.
Currently 100 miles offshore of Charleston and 135 miles south of Beaufort, NC, expecting arrival tomorrow.
24 hour run: 160 miles, double yesterday's!

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