Sailing to N.C: First 24 Hours

June 13
Left anchorage at 815am and out Moraine Cay channel. Bored. Seems slow.
Snacks consumed: ginger nuts, more ginger nuts, Funyuns, chocolate biscuits, chocolate oat bars, cheddar chips. Lots of tea. Hot dogs for lunch, chicken less and pie less chicken pot pie for dinner. (Our freezer died and all our meat went bad.)
Overnight, we reefed the main for a squall and jibed a few times.
June 14
12am: Racing at 2.5 knots! 10 minute struggle to light stove. Starts raining. 10 minute struggle to close canvas. 10 minute struggle to get the dog to move so that I can get the cream out of the fridge. It's 12:45am by the time I have my tea ready.
4am: Jibe, then off shift.
6:45am: back on shift, listening to wx.
8:15am- 24 hr mileage: 109. Up to 4 knots speed now, still way too slow. Saw about 10 cargo ships overnight. All is well. Hastings sleeping a lot, lucky dog. Note: I can't see comments until we get to the US. It's a one way system.

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  1. I hope racing speed is higher than 3 knots now... But not too high. I'm getting concerned with the description of your food. Chicken less and pie less chicken pot pie? So what did you guys actually eat? The pot?
    Fair winds friends !(so you reach a supermarket soon)

    1. It was a veggie and potato stew! Looking forward to buying chocolate at the store!


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