A Tale of Two Laundries: Hope Town

We were anchored outside of Hope Town, in slumville. It was free. Sure, we faced death defying wakes from over zealous fisherman and ferries, had no protection from west wind, and had only inches under our keel, but, it was free! 
Slumville with a view
Since we're enjoying the free theme, I set to work on my favorite activity: laundry.
Day 1, 8PM: Pre-treat all the blood stained, oil stained, rust stained clothes.
Day 2, 8AM: Soak clothes in bucket.  
1PM: use a plunger to swish them. Scrub at stains. Wring out by hand.
1:15PM: Matt, hearing my cursing, noting the angry, hot, red face, takes on the rinse job fresh water and vinegar in bucket#2. He wrings them out, the worst job. 
1:30PM: We hang the clothes to dry on the lifelines; the sheets hang on the jib sheets. Notice the bright red sunburn from hunching in the sun. 
Will we beat the rain? (No.)
2PM: It's raining.  I rig a line in our bathroom and hang our clothes there. The sheets are left outside for another extra rinse cycle. Nothing dries. Soon it will start to fester and I'll have to wash it again. My cheapness is really becoming annoying.....I could have used the marina washing machines and been done by now!
3PM: The clothes get moved back outside.
9PM: Nothing is dry, but I hate leaving things outside all night. Move inside to the bathroom.

Day 3, 8AM: Move clothes outside.
Day 3: 2PM: Finally dry! Yeah!
42 hours, approx $2 of gas to run the generator for the watermaker for 12 gallons of water for 3 loads, much aggravation. 
Hastings thinks all this laundry drama is getting old!
3 weeks later, we're back in Hope Town. We're in poshville, paying $20 for a mooring. Since we're so ritzy, I opt for the marina washing machines.
Hope Town Ritzy moorings. Can you spot Independence amoungst all the charter cats?
3PM: Sort 3 loads of laundry. Load it in to the dinghy. Arrive at the marina. Curse the 6 foot ladder.
3:15PM: Get "tokens" from the office. $5 a load!
3:30PM: Stare at the laundry that is done, but still taking up machines.
3:31PM. Right, I've given them a chance! Place the wet, abandoned laundry in a pile on top of the machine. Guiltily load my stuff in.
3:34PM: Even guiltier party appears, apologizes.
3:35PM: Go for a swim in the luxurious pool where vacationers are ordering drinks from the swim up bar.
Fancy swimming pool! (I love the stingray cutouts in the lodge)
3:45PM: Head back to the machines.
4:00PM: Remove my clothes from the washer and pile them in a heap - someone else has just started the dryers.
4:45PM: Load my clothes into the dryers.
5:30PM: Re-start one dryer. It's late in the day and I'm not going home with wet laundry!
5:31PM: Fold the 2 loads of dry clothes.
5:40PM: Exchange 5 books at the exchange. This is very exciting!
6:10PM: Fellow laundry doer is perplexed that I'm still here. 
6:15PM: Everything is dry, loaded in black plastic bags, then blue Ikea bag. Fellow laundry doer has the same bag - are her clothes nicer? We could switch! 
6:20PM: Carefully load three bags into the dinghy.
6:22PM: Have heart attack as my course converges with the ferry. I've been soaked by the ferry on many an occasion, including that time I thought it was a good idea to wear cute leather shoes.
6:24PM: Have survived ferry.
6:25PM: Back at the boat. Now I just have to put it all away!  
3.5 hours, $35, mucho aggravation....but the swim was nice, I have 5 new books, and everything is dry!
Time to enjoy the night!
What's your favorite method of doing laundry? 

Next time on the blog: Hope Town Scenics! 

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  1. My favourite method of doing laundry is to have someone else do it (not David, though, he has a special talent for ruining my clothes and not his). When that fails (which is always), I'm lugging things to the laundromat, usually after they've piled up for six weeks.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I don't think there's any winning way...it's all a big pain! (And why is it that some people are capable of performing truly complex tasks but not washing the red with the white on hot is so mystifying?)

  2. It is truly refreshing to be able to use a real washing machine after years of doing it by hand. But, only when it is not too expensive. That being said, I never minded doing laundry by hand aboard Irie and I always had a nice feeling of satisfaction when the clothes were washed, dried, folded and stored, being totally self-sufficient doing and during the whole thing. :-)

    1. I often start off feeling self-sufficient, but end up feeling annoyed! That being said, I spent all day yesterday washing everything on board.....clothes in the machine, cockpit and interior cushions and curtains by hand....what a great feeling to have everything clean, salt-free and mildew free! It's like a new boat.

  3. Another hysterical post :-)

    We really need to do some laundry. It's piling up and there aren't many clothes left that even smell vaguely clean enough to wear. In some ways, I can't wait to get back to FL to do endless loads of laundry whenever I want.

    1. Laundry always seems to magically multiply itself! People in the U.S: I wish I were in the Bahamas, lounging. People in the Bahamas: Man, if only I were back in the US, doing laundry! Funny...

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