Fowl Cay and Great Guana: A Photo Tour

We were really looking forward to swimming and snorkeling every day during our Bahamas trip. We didn't realize it would be cold, windy, and wavy for most of the time! We were lucky enough to have the perfect day to snorkel Fowl Cay Underwater Preserve in the Abacos. We anchored in gorgeous blue water and couldn't wait to jump in! 

Lagoon catamaran at Fowl Cay, Abacos
Clear blue waters of the Abacos
Sand and coral, Fowl Cay snorkeling, Abacos
Sandy channels and corals, Fowl Cay 
Damsel fish amoungst the corals
Elkhorn coral, Fowl Cay snorkeling, Bahamas
Elkhorn Coral
Parrot fish, Fowl Cay Snorkeling, Abacos
Friendly parrotfish 
Fowl Cay isn't an overnight anchorage, so we headed to Great Guana (an entire 2 miles!) Halfway there, our starboard engine died, just to keep it real. (The impeller bit the dust, but we do have spares)

Everyone that goes to Great Guana seems to have singular purpose: Nipper's Beach Bar. This is a destination for jollification, but it was deserted at 9AM. The beach was open and gorgeous! 
Painted mermaid points to the beach, Great Guana, Abacos
Love this beach sign!
Great Guana beach
Great Guana Beach
Nipper's, Great Guana Beach
Great Guana Beach
Signs on Great Guana
Would you rather walk the beach in solitude early in the morning, or party late at night? 

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  1. Early solitude for me :-) We've never been to Nippers.

    1. I'm sure Nipper's is fun if you are in an extrovert mood.....which happens about once a decade for us!

  2. Early mornings are the best! I love the peace and quiet before the world wakes up.


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