One year of Living Aboard, Cruising, and Google Searches

Independence and Ñandú, waiting for a cold front, Hoffman's Cay, Berry Islands
Google Searches, May 15, 2016- July 1, 2017

Sail ICW 
Sail offshore
How to make money and cruise
Install A/C on boat
New starter
Quick Florida divorce
Sell boat quickly
Seasickness cure
Spouse drives me crazy
Why is my boat broken
Can't start dinghy
Still can't start dinghy
Does my dog hate me
Pet psychic 
Current in Charleston
A/C on solar power
Why is it so hot
Cope with heat
Good self-help books
Electrical wiring diagram
Why does my diesel engine smoke in the morning?
How to get spouse to do what I want them to do
Spouse diving accident
Why is my saildrive oil milky looking?
Helia 44 cost
How to make money while not working
Bank robbery: is it hard? 
Beta engine and saildrive cost
What is that smell?
What is that creaking noise?
Creaking noise: not rigging
Clanking noise: not rats
OMG How do tell if you have a rat onboard?
Provisioning guide for the Bahamas
How much do potato chips cost in the Bahamas?
Why do potato chips cost $7/bag in the Bahamas?
How many boats sink in the Gulfstream each year?
Bug screens boat
Trade in boat for RV
How do you find a channel with no markers?
Does couples counseling work?
Make your own potato chips
Why is it always so windy in the Bahamas?
How do you anchor in 30 knot winds without ripping the windlass from the deck?
Who is this Chris Parker guy, anyway?

Cabin in the woods 

What dark thoughts and impossible dreams lie in your recent google searches? 

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  1. That's hysterical! Sadly, I think I've had some of those same Google searches.

    1. Lol. The really sad thing is - we still don't have the answers!

  2. Lol! I might need to give Matt a heads up. Maybe take out some life insurance on him...

    1. I've just realized why he's so reluctant to get in the water with me!

  3. Lol! Who needs Freud when you have Google search? The mind processes of a couple of full time cruisers are perfectly clear (and universally shared by said group :).

  4. Lol. Such a fun blog post. Now I wish I wasn't so obbessive about clearing my search history.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I think it gets depressing, realizing I keep searching for the same things!

  5. Very funny! And, it is hard to find answers, especially to "Why is my saildrive oil milky looking?" Well, there is an answer to that one (water leaking in), but how to prevent it or what to do when it happens is harder. We got hauled out many times for this problem, only to never have it be fixed and after a while, and thousands of dollars, we learned to live with it.

    1. Yes, the real problem is the lack of answers and sometimes the lack
      of progress with boat projects that you keep "completing" over and over. Sometimes it is better just to accept that fixes aren't happening!

    2. It is one of the three main reasons that we got off our boat after eight years, because Mark was sick of fixing the same things over and over again!

    3. 8 years seems like a long time to be fixing the same things... while it seems like a vacation to non-cruisers, it's actually quite a challenging lifestyle to maintain long term.

    4. You got that right! Especially when working and running a business. :-)


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