Cape Lookout, N.C.

Independence at anchor, Cape Lookout
We'd loved Cape Lookout last year, but would it be the same? Are we spoiled forever since we won't be counting star fish in clear Bahamian waters? What's it like to return to a place after a year?
Hastings cooling off in the water
Dunes and sand patterns, Cape Lookout
Hastings enjoying the scenery
Wind swept beach
Enjoying the change of scenery
Hastings has to keep his chin up to get out of the sand blast zone!
Shells, Independence, and our dinghy
It's always so windy in the Outer Banks, giving us cool, bug-less evenings.  It was the perfect spot to rest after our long passage; we loved it and were so glad we risked the return. 

Have you ever gone back to an old favorite? Had your feelings about the place changed? 

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  1. It can go either way - sometimes you're disappointed and surprised that you had such fond memories of a place, other times you love it even more. Hastings looks very happy there, but I suspect he's happy pretty much anywhere when he gets to get off the walk and stretch his legs.

    1. If there's a walk, treats, food, and it's not hot....he's happy! He did love Cape Lookout, but we could only walk at sunrise and sunset....that sand was HOT during the day!

  2. I'm always a bit apprehensive about returning to places I have visited before, especially when we had good experiences there. So much depends on the weather, the moods, the time of year, the company, the sea state... Looks like you made the right decision. It still looks gorgeous and comfortable. You are not too spoiled yet, after the Bahamas! :-)

    1. Yes, it's a real problem to return to the same place....if it's not as good as last time, the previous memories are clouded.


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