Thompson Bay Anchorage and Salt Pond, Long Island

April 8th-22nd, 2017
We left George Town and sailed to Thompson Bay on Long Island. Many cruisers love Thompson Bay so much they return year after year and spend the entire season here. It's about 40 miles from George Town, but is less busy and has a comfortable, easy feel. The islanders themselves are super friendly and welcoming and told us Long is the best island in the world. Unfortunately, it was hit quite hard by Hurricane Joaquin and a lot of the vegetation died and many homes and businesses were ruined. However, homeowners and cruisers alike having been working to rebuild.
Sailboats at anchor, Thompson Bay, Salt Pond, Long Island
Thompson Bay anchorage
Shells on Long Island beach, Bahamas
Shells on the beach!
Sailboat at anchor, Thompson Bay, Long Island
Thompson Bay
Cruiser's beach
Sailboats anchored in front of full moon, Thompson Bay, Long Island
Full Moon over Thompson Bay
The cruisers have a schedule: Monday night potluck sundowners on the beach, Wednesday night at Club Washington, Friday night Sou Side Bar, Saturday night Tiny's Hurricane Hole. 
Tiny's Hurricane Hole, Long Island, Bahamas
Tiny's Hurricane Hole Beach Bar
The mailboat comes on Wednesday, and the stores are re-stocked by Thursday. The propane guy will refill tanks on Thursdays.The stores are the most amazing we have seen in the Bahamas: Hillside grocery had everything on our list; you could even buy truffle oil! Veggies, meats, and even ice cream. I was super excited to find Cadbury's easter eggs and bought two as a special treat. There's a marine store that rivals US stores in selection; we replaced our fishing lures and line.

Hillside Grocery Store
Beautiful bougainvillea
Rebuilt town dock
Our cruising crowd grew as everyone was waiting and waiting for weather to move south. Then it was Easter and the town shut down for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. I excitedly opened my coveted Cadbury's egg and bit into it. Matt was studying his closely. Then it went in the trash. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Mine had maggots". I looked at my half-eaten chocolate egg, with the half-eaten maggots. I don't think I'll ever recover. But hey, my lifelong Cadbury's addiction might be cured.

Before the event!

Even though it was dark, rainy, and windy, our fellow cruisers couldn't take the wait any more and our ranks thinned. A plant by the dock had grown from a tiny nothing into a huge flowering monster. We've been here too long! 

What's your favorite Easter candy? Is it ziplocked? 

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  1. Cadbury's Dairy Milk is my go-to favourite (I especially like the orange ones!); but when it comes to Easter, I run for the Robin Eggs. YUM! With that said, you have my condolences on the Cadbury Eggs -- there truly are no words.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Robin Eggs sound great....too bad they only come out with the good stuff once a year!

  2. I agree with all of this too. A good hurricane hole can be an invaluable resource when a large storm is pressing. However, do not be misguided. If a Category 4 or 5 storm hits directly, no marina will be safe.



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