South Point Settlement, Pau Pau Bay, and the Search for Pizza

Remember how bitterly we've been complaining about the wind? It's always 26 knots when we anchor, reefing, storms, etc? Well, now we have a new complaint: no wind! We had barely a breath of wind as we left Rock Sound, headed to Tarpum Bay, 15 miles away. The guidebook says there are royal poinciana trees there; my favorite tree! 

We tacked back and forth, watching the conch crawl along faster than us. Idly reading the guidebook, I noticed that the next town, South Palmetto Point, had a pizza place. We love pizza!  Royal poincianas were abandoned and a new course was laid in. We spent an hour making 1 mile of progress. We were getting hungry for pepperoni pizza. 1 mile from our destination and approximately 4 hours away, we gave up and turned on the engines, motoring into Pau Pau Bay. 
Sailing catamaran at anchor, Pau Pau Bay and South Palmetto Point, Eleuthera
Beautiful Pau Pau Bay
Rocky island and coral, Pau Pau Bay and South Palmetto Point, Eleuthera
Coral underneath the rocky islands
What a beautiful area! Every island chain has been unique and different. Here we had random rocky islands and imagined we were in Thailand. Coconut palms surrounded well-kept houses with yards. 
Residences along the beach, Pau Pau Bay and South Palmetto Point, Eleuthera
Residences along the beach. Check out the coconut palms!
 South Palmetto Point Settlement, Eleuthera
South Palmetto Point Settlement, Eleuthera, Bahamas
 South Palmetto Point Settlement, Eleuthera
Beach and dock, South Palmetto Point Settlement, Eleuthera
I went back to the guide for the pizza place number, and noticed "closed on Tuesday". Well, that sucks for people who want pizza on Tuesdays. Lucky for us, it's Saturday. Doesn't it feel like a Saturday? Maybe it's Wednesday. No. It's Tuesday. Of course it is. I guess we'll just have rum, coke, and despair for dinner. 

The next day was a great day: Wednesday. We sat around watching the clock. At 5PM, I called the pizza place. It rang about 30 times. They are probably just taking a large order. I waited 10 minutes and called again. A wonderful savior answered the phone. 
"I'd like to order for takeout, please."
"We're closed today."

Just to add to our sad state, the sun and the moon both conspired, with their roundness, to further our contemplation on magical round objects, forever just out of reach.
Dusk over the still waters of Pau Pau Bay, Eleuthera
Dusk over still waters of Pau Pau Bay
Full moon over anchorage, South Palmetto Point, Eleuthera
Full Moon rising over South Palmetto Point anchorage
What's the farthest you've ever travelled just to reach a certain restaurant? 

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  1. I hate it when that happens! We're not big fans of eating out, but there's this pizza place in Port Townsend (where they filmed "An Officer and a Gentleman" called Waterfront Pizza that's to die for. Every now and then we get a wild hair and make the 35-mile trip for a slice. Yum!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. That sounds so good! It's probably a good thing it's a drive to save you from eating there every night!


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