Cat Island: Alligator Point and Bennet's Creek

May 1 - May 3, 2017
The winds seemed calm at 10 knots in New Bight. Anxious to get out of the rolly anchorage, we sailed off, planning on anchoring at Fernandez Bay, only a few miles north. It seemed pretty uncomfortable there too, so we kept on sailing and headed to Alligator Point, 25 miles north. The winds built, like they do, we put 2 reefs in the main, took in the jib, and still surfed down waves at 11 knots. We pulled into the anchorage in 28 knots, but no swell! Yeah! 

Honestly, we had not heard any buzz about Cat Island so we were amazed by this beautiful beach. 
Alligator Point, Cat Island

Matt was taking photos of the beach and Independence, but we all know who the star is.....he wouldn't stop posing!Sailboat at anchor, Pompey Rocks, Cat Island

Sailboat at anchor, Bennet's Harbor, Cat Island

Cat Island pink beach

Starfish, Cat Island
We spied Bennet's Creek on Google Earth and dinghyed in at high tide. We only just made it through some shallow spots - but went in the north end by the settlement and mailboat docks and came out at the south end by Pigeon Point. The bright blue colors were just amazing, and we had the anchorage, beach and creek to ourselves!

Sailboat aground, Bennet's Creek, Cat Island

Dinghy trip down Bennet's Creek, Cat Island

Dinghy trip down Bennet's Creek, Cat Island

Mangroves, Bennet's Creek, Cat Island
 You know I'm always on the hunt for turtles - there were quite a few in the creek, but, man, are they fast and shy! 
We had no expectations coming to Cat Island and were pleasantly surprised. 
If the tide had gone out and we had been stuck in the creek, would anyone other than the mosquitos have found us? Would we still be there? 

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  1. It looks like you all are having an amazing time . . . even Hastings. Have a great weekend!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

  2. 11 knots with two reefs and no jib? Oh! Boy! That's adrenaline for me. It seems that the higher twenties are chasing you every time you anchor. I hope the rest of your stay was more mellow. Say hi to Hastings from me.

    1. Yes! The gods heard our complaints though, and now we have another complaint- there's not enough wind to sail. But man, jibes are so much easier in 10 knots of wind. Hastings will be kissed hello- when he wakes up. Not a morning dog!

  3. Hastings sure is the star of the show :-) Cat Island looks like it would be worth visiting, if we ever get back to the Bahamas that is.

    1. It's better just to read blogs rather than travel here anyway. You can save yourself from swell, wind, waves, staying up all night staring at the anchor, etc. :-)


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