Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera

 Thursday, May 11, 2017
After breakfast in Governor's Harbour, we motored in flat calm waters the 25 miles north to Glass Window Bridge. 
Calm waters, Eleuthera 
Cliff Houses, Eleuthera
I marveled at the brave souls who built their houses right on the edge of the "cliffs"!

Hastings being adorable
Hot, calm day - perfect to swim, scrub the hulls, and fly the drone. 
Lagoon 380 drone shot, clear waters, Eleuthera
Exuma gin clear waters in Eleuthera 
Eleuthera is basically divided into two islands here - held together by a bridge that has been washed out and rebuilt many times. The Atlantic is on one side and Exuma Sound is on the other. Watching the waves crash on the Atlantic side made me feel a little sick, even though they were tiny in comparison to the supposed massive waves that force walls of water over the bridge during storms. You wouldn't find me on the bridge then! Actually, between the waves and the bridge moving, I felt very sick and couldn't look anymore! 
Glass Window Bridge: waves crash on the Caribbean side
Waves crashing on the Atlantic side of the Glass Window Bridge

Hastings has no interest in the bridge, but he is interested in dinner. 
Sunset over a calm anchorage, Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera
We paid for our perfect day overnight - the winds shifted and built causing a terrible swell in the anchorage. We couldn't wait for sunrise so we could get going to the next nightmare - Current Cut! 

Why do people refer to Bahamian water as gin clear? Is gin clearer than vodka? What does alcohol have to do with it anyway?

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  1. I love your drone shots! The water color between the ocean and the sound is incredible - I know which one I prefer to hang out on. Except when the weather is crappy and the nights are sleepless, of course. No idea why it is called gin-clear. I would rather call my shot of vodka "Bahama-clear". :-)

    1. I like it! I'm going to start calling our booze Bahama water!

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