Conception Island, Part 2: The Wildlife Tour!

We loved the beaches, but we always appreciate a dinghy trip through an interior creek. So, at high tide, we sauntered off and into Conception Island's creek. We immediately found two eagle rays and followed them in! 
Eagle Rays in a mangrove creek, Conception Island, Bahamas
The rays led us to a cove full of turtles, so I donned my snorkel and mask and jumped in, planning on communing with the turtles. I saw nothing. Literally, shades of green, later thought to be turtle poop. So, maybe I did commune with turtles? 
 They were easier to see from the dinghy (a more hygienic viewing platform)
Turtles, Mangrove creek, Conception Island, Bahamas
It was overcast, but still truly beautiful. 
 Turtle - very fast, shy and super hard to photograph!
Turtle, Mangrove creek, Conception Island, Bahamas
 Hastings loves a dinghy exploration more than anything else (except food!) 
Back at the boat, we literally stood on the bow watching the non-stop train of rays and sharks. 

 Once we'd seen dozens and dozens of rays and sharks, we turned our eyes to the heavens to watch the white tailed tropic birds. 
And if that weren't enough, there were tiny, tiny, jelly fish like blobs. I did go swimming and was neither stung nor bothered by all the sharks. Obviously the sharks have other things to do, since Matt had a terrible paddle board accident that totally looked like a distressed seal in a panic, and he survived. I mentioned my concerns and Mr. Science informed me that Bahamian sharks don't know about seals, sea lions and walruses. We didn't see any regular fish, even on the reef, so I can't actually imagine what the sharks are eating. Mega yacht disco partiers? So many mysteries. 
Enjoy our 1:40 video of Conception Island: 
Who would you rather swim with- the rays, sharks, turtles, or jelly fish? 

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  1. Great video, ummm turtles, hello!

  2. Hastings would be my first choice as a swimming buddy but if he's not on offer, I'd have to go with the turtles -- sharks and rays creep me out.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Aww, but he's not that great a swim buddy - Hastings doesn't often choose to go swimming, and when he does, he looks panicked and heads back to land or tries to stand on my head. Wading is OK though. More civilized!

  3. Those look like comb jellies, non-stinging little jelly blobs. I'd swim with turtles, sharks or rays.
    Beautiful images of Conception!

    1. Good to know what type of jellies they were, we really haven't seen any other jellyfish in the Bahamas.


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