Cat Island: New Bight and the Hermitage

April 29 - May 1, 2017
We sailed 42 miles from Conception Island to Cat Island; it was a very lively sail and we even have to reef the main and bring in the jib a little. By the time we anchored, it was 26 knots, because it's always 26 knots when we anchor.  We walked into town and bought some baked goodies and eggs. Exciting times!  New Bight Anchorage and government dock, Cat Island
We then walked to the Hermitage, a tiny monastery built on the highest hill (206 ft!) in the Bahamas. Father Jerome, builder of many a Bahamian church, built this himself by hand - hauling all the building materials up the hill. 
It was a pretty steep climb!
The tiny chapel and guest book - surprisingly, about 20 people a day visit. 
Sun dial - it agreed with the iPhone's time. 
Sun dial, the Hermitage, Cat Island
Bell tower. 
Independence at anchor. 
The entrance to the chapel: 
The Hermitage, New Bight, Cat Island
View from the hill:
Hastings and I help show the scale of the monastery:
By this time, a truly horrid swell had rolled in and was making me miserable; We watched our fellow anchorees sail off for calmer waters. However, we really didn't feel like sailing into 28 knots of wind, so we just put up with the rolly anchorage for one more night. 

On a sad note, someone deleted all the photos I took of the town, so you'll just have to imagine it. 

Where would you like to retire? 

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  1. Maybe you should start a trend of wearing a sundial on your wrist to tell time instead of using a cell phone? I think it could catch on :-) Rolly anchorages are the worst.

    1. Yeah, a new trend! It would be helpful it it told me the month and date, too!

  2. What a great monastery! I think I could retire there.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

  3. What a great find, this monastery! That last shot is awesome. I'm sure none of the deleted photos of town could have matched it. :-) The sea looks better from shore than from a bouncy boat. We have had moments we would escape to shore, just to feel more comfortable. I'd like to keep doing what I am doing now when (if) I retire. Probably travel a bit more and in a more comfortable way. Maybe, I'll retire on a cruise ship.

    1. Land travel sounds like a good retirement. I think boat travel with all the hunching, maintenance, and athletics just to lug gas through town and down a ladder into a dinghy is too much work during retirement - I'm always amazed that so many do it though!


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