Cambridge Cay: The Sea

Paddle boarding with our dog in the Bahamas
Paddle boarding the mooring field
Cambridge Cay is a lovely place - especially on a sunny calm day! 
Map of our Cambridge Cay Adventure
It's so beautiful, Johnny Depp loved the area while shooting Pirates of the Caribbean and purchased an island here. We didn't see him while out snorkeling, but if you want to check out photos of his island, you can at the very reputable Daily Mail: Johnny Depp's island.
Stingray with remora, Cambridge Cay, Exumas
Ray with Remora
We really love our paddle board - it gets us off the boat and close to wildlife. So much fun!
Starfish in shallow water with paddle board, Bahamas
Star fish in the shallows
We took the dinghy up to see the 172 wreck, peer at Johnny Depp's island, and snorkel "The Aquarium", a tiny site with tons of very friendly fish!  
The Aquarium snorkel sit at Cambridge Cay, Bahamas
The Aquarium snorkel spot 
The Aquarium snorkel spot, Bahamas
The fish all swam over the second I got in the water!
Bubble watchers
I have learned to get into a fleece sweater after swimming, otherwise I would never survive the mile plus dinghy ride home.  It's cold!  
Stingray, Bahamas
Huge ray following our dinghy 
Rocky Dundas caves look really neat. Unfortunately, the ocean was funneling in, even at slack tide, and filling the cave with slamming waves. Hopefully we can re-visit on our way north in calmer weather. 
Rocky Dundas Caves

Rocky Dundas Cave entrance
The snorkel entrance to the cave 
Cambridge Cay moorings sunset
Last sunset over the mooring field
Check out our 2.5 minute video of Cambridge Cay: 

Aren't you glad you aren't a celebrity and don't have weirdos taking photos of your homes and speculating about your life? 

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  1. What a great spot! And I really like this post. I'm not into watching videos. In fact, I normally don't. But I like yours because they're short (i.e. don't require fast WiFi or 15 minutes of my life), but beautiful and well-paced (I hope that makes sense).

    Cheers, Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Thanks for the video compliment, I'm glad you are watching and enjoying! I also just don't have the patience to watch or load longer videos...so I certainly don't have the patience to make and upload them.

  2. Great post of images and video. Love hastings and lucy on board -how did he manage to get her on there? Matt, either you are going to start curling your hair or get hastings sunglasses, but you two do have the same countenance!

    1. Hastings is so cute, who can resist being his chaffeur? I think Hastings would actually like the sunglasses - it's bright out! Thanks for following along, we miss you!


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