Grocery Shopping: Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

The first step: squeeze into a parking space. It is okay to ram and push other vehicles out of your way. Remember to leave your car so that when the tide comes in it isn't pinned under the dock! Important!
Walk along the parking lot to the store.
Yes, this is the way to the grocery store.
Coconuts on sale, aisle 5!
Not the grocery store.
Picture perfect.
The photographer must have specially requested the photogenic sailboat.

Is this not the most amazing walk to the grocery store you've ever seen? Publix doesn't have this!

Fashion shoot. Check out the latest boating fashions...water sneakers and sun shirts!

Jus' lovely.
Such a long walk to the store has made us hungry. Stop at Budda's Snack Shack (meals cooked in a school bus!) for burgers.
These groceries are heavy, but we still stop to smell the...uh, bougainvillea.

Spanish Wells...voted* most picture perfect town yet!
Voted by us, voter fraud investigations pending.

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  1. That's the best walk to the grocery store I've ever seen!

    1. No kidding! All we'd heard about Spanish Wells was that the dinghy dock was tough at low tide and that there were burgers. We could not believe how amazing the beach was. It was like being transported onto another planet. We saw 2 people there. And the flowers!

  2. I love Buddha's! Such a fun place and great burgers.

    1. I tried the "pine" burger with pineapple and bacon. What an amazing combination.

  3. It's the best walk and the longest (if you go to the big supermarket). We rented a golf cart and had fun driving on the left at the amazing speed of 10 mph.

    Beautiful photos

    1. Now that sounds fun! And of course, we went to the big supermarket, bought everything......and then had to carry it home!

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