Hope Town Perfection: A Photo Tour

Beneath Hope Town Lighthouse 
Floating in Air
Busy, Busy!
Pretty, huh? They were motorsailing. Cheaters. 
Dear Rocna Tech Support, our anchor is backwards and under us. Please don't send help.
Sailing club dinghy races.
Sunset over the lighthouse.
Elbow Cay beach.
Coffee in paradise.
Hastings approved beach.
Busy harbour.
Hastings approved sunset.
Harbour at sunset - it's popular!
Even the street lights are candy-striped here!
Hope Town at night.
Independence at anchor.
Hope Town is perfection. Crystal clear waters outside the harbour. Blue water on the Atlantic Beach. Tropical flowers and perfect little houses. From sunrise to sunset, to the lighthouse turning on and the stars coming out. We love, love, love Hope Town. 

This post brought to you by fresh ground coffee beans, courtesy of Hope Town Coffee House. Now that's perfection! 

What's your idea of perfection? 

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  1. I love the comment for Rocna Technical Support. Can you imagine if they had a hotline and the calls people would make to them?

    1. That would be pretty funny. They'd have to have a great sense of humor to get through the day!

  2. Hastings approved sunset. Ha ha ha. That's great . . . and so are all of your pictures. Sitting here 3,000 miles away with the heaters blasting and the rain pouring down, my idea of perfection is Hope Town. Sigh.

    1. April is the cruelest month. I hope the sun comes out soon!

  3. Picture perfect, for sure! We loved Hope Town, but can’t remember the water being this pretty and clear! Rocna anchors (and their generic equivalents) are awesome!

    1. The water outside wasn't this gorgeous last year. We are very spoiled by the Bahamas!


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