Big Major's Spot

March 22-27, 2017
We departed Cambridge Cay and sailed 14 miles to Big Major's Spot. We were the only people out there determined enough to sail at 2 knots in 5 knots of wind, but we love free and weren't in a rush. 
Big Major's is super, super popular. It's protected from east winds and we had over 50 boats anchored with us for yet another cold front. Everyone from 20 ft power boats to 250 ft mega yachts anchors here, and for good reason! It's about 1.5 mile to Staniel Cay, with restaurants and stores. Thunderball Grotto, featured in the James Bond movie Thunderball, is a popular snorkel spot (it was too windy and crowded for us). There is no current or surge. And then there's Pig Beach, home of the swimming pigs.  
Independence in Big Major's Anchorage
Big Major's shoreline
Paddle boarding with a nurse shark 
I made the mistake of visiting Pig Beach in the afternoon, during nap and recovery time. I also only brought a pathetic amount of chopped carrots. The pigs were not impressed. 
Pigs on a beach. Hastings wants a food bowl large enough to stand in!
Big Major's anchorage (from Pig Beach)
Sea plane that landed to visit the pigs
Sunset at Big Major's
We had planned to stay longer in order to snorkel the grotto and see the town, however, a real crisis forced our hand. We ran out of propane and the store wouldn't have any until next mailboat day. Then our grill fell apart. We had no way to cook food! So, we left in a hurry to get to George Town and propane. 

(We've been cooking non-stop: breakfast, bread, lunch, afternoon scones, dinner, dessert. We're going through propane much faster than we used to!) 

Next time on the blog: Matt visits pig beach in the morning and has better luck with these celebrities! 

What's your favorite James Bond movie? 

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  1. I'm not a big James Bond fan (John Le Carre's more my speed), but Daniel Craig in Casino Royale tops my list. Okay, so it's the only one I really watched but I enjoyed it.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Casino Royale was also filmed in the Bahamas (at least partially). But I haven't seen it as I'm a few years behind. Currently watching Lost...so I have another 10 years before Casino Royale will hit my watch list!

  2. That's funny (in a perverse way), because after two failed attempts we left George Town with an empty propane tank hoping we'll be able to fill it up in Staniel Cay.

    Your friends at Ñandú.

    1. We miss you guys! Hope all is well with the family visits. We got here last Wednesday and were able to get propane. Our friends that stayed in Staniel were able to get propane last Friday. I hope they have some for you!


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