Cambridge Cay: The Beaches

We departed Warderick Wells and terrified ourselves on the north approach to Cambridge Cay; we had to cuddle a rock to avoid grounding on a shoal while fighting a current. What larks! 

Cambridge Cay is also part of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, and has 14 moorings. Unfortunately, there were no moorings available, so we began anchoring but were yelled at by aggressive people in a dinghy. Hastings loves to do an arrival pee on deck, so I hope they thought this was a statement directed at them. 

We finally anchored, and then settled in to watch the high tide surge show, which caused all the boats to swing wildly and in different directions, while rolling very uncomfortably. We started to feel a little depressed about leaving Wardericks Wells heaven just to be in Cambridge Cay hell. 

Overnight, a cold front pushed through, the wind picked up, and I stayed up most of the night on anchor watch, glaring at the boats that all seemed too close and wondering what we were going to do if we had to re-anchor in the pitch black, in the rain, with rocks on one hand, boats on the other, and a sand bar to complete the doom circle. Thank goodness we didn't have to find out! 

Sunset, Cambridge Cay Moorings, Exumas
First sunset
It always seems like a miracle when the sun rises after a nightmare, but like clockwork, it always does. And, Cambridge Cay was so beautiful it totally redeemed itself! We never had the high tide surge again, the yeller left, we took their open mooring, and the winds died down. 

Next to the moorings, there's a great beach that stretches out for forever at low tide. It was like being on the moon.
Low Tide beach
A trail marked with conch shells leads from the banks beach to the sound beach. 
Conch shell trail
Exuma Sound Beach
Our favorite beach was the sand bar beach. It was stunning!
Sand bar beach
Sand bar beach
Sand bar beach and moorings
Bahamas sand bar and sailboats
Sand bar beach and moorings
Bahamas sand bar and sailboats
We just can't get enough of this sand bar!
boat dog on the beach, Cambridge Cay
Hastings loves all the beaches!
Cambridge Cay beach
Hastings and Lucy
Cambridge Cay beach and moorings, Exuma Land and Sea Park
Sand bar beach
Have you ever had a quick turn from heaven to hell or from a nightmare to a dream?

Next time on the blog - Cambridge Cay: The Sea - paddle board and underwater photos. 

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  1. I really dislike yellers -- don't they have anything better to do? I also hate anchor watches, but it looks like it was worth it all!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Thankfully we don't do too many anchor watches, and we have a short memory. Matt said he didn't even remember the yelling, the rain, the surge, or the anchor watch until he read the blog!

  2. Sand bars are amazing, for people and for dogs. That water color of the Bahamas never gets old!! I hate stressful nights on the boat, but luckily, that also means that better times are to come once the sun rises. :-)

    1. We love a sandbar! And, around the equator, the sun always rises and the day is new again.


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