George Town

March 28th-April 1, 2017
Catamaran sailing: waves under the bridge deck
Sailing to George Town
Our route from Black Point to George Town
Sailboats sailing to George Town, Bahamas
We had lots of company!
As we got closer to Conch Cut, the entrance to Elizabeth Harbour and George Town, we became worried about the large swell rolling by, caused by a big mean low out in the ocean. Entering cuts in east wind with big ocean swell = bad times. It was probably an ebb tide too, just for maximum terror. Also, we didn't have a back up plan. 

The boats in front of us reported their survival and we approached the entrance. We could see breaking waves on the reef, but we weren't caught in it, and it wasn't scary at all. Just follow the Explorer charts like a lemming and it's fine.
Breaking wave over reef at Conch Cut entrance
George Town area
Hastings is amazed by all the masts!
We've been hearing about George Town for years. Everyone loves George Town! Many people stay here for the whole season and return year after year. We'd heard about beach volleyball, and the beach bar, and the grocery stores, and all the social activities, and were terrified!

We were amazed by the literally hundreds of masts everywhere, but there was actually plenty of room to anchor. We picked a spot by a nice dog walking beach. Priorities! (Although we were surprised by the 20 foot depths; so deep!) The next day Matt dinghyed into town and came back victorious, 2 full propane tanks AND cheetos and hob nobs! The propane truck literally drives to the dinghy dock on Wednesdays and fills tanks on the spot- $26 for 40 pounds on propane. Cheap, convenient, and a life saver. We can survive a few more months! 

I didn't make it into town at all, and only once met another soul on the trails. 
Sand Dollar Anchorage, George Town
Sand Dollar Anchorage
Trail on Stocking Island
A trail!
Random Cave
Exuma Sound Bench with View
Walking the trails
Exuma Sound
Matt and Hastings
George Town is also decision central. Cruisers that are returning to the US usually turn around and head north from George Town. Others wait for a weather window and head south to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. Some continue through the Caribbean to Grenada. We're super adventurous and made a big decision: we would travel 1 mile down to the Redshanks anchorage.
Drone shot: Sailboats at anchor at sunset, George Town Exumas
Sand Dollar Anchorage

Would you be social and play volleyball, or be a loner and walk the trails? 

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  1. I'd probably go down the loner route too :-) Way too many people there for my comfort.

  2. You made it to the Bahamas cruiser central! It all looks and sounds familiar. This is, indeed, where we made the decision to continue on and move towards the DR. Luckily for us, we were pretty late in the season and Georgetown was "almost dead" with only one hundred masts or so left. :-) We don't like the crowds and did not stay very long before venturing on to quieter islands.

    1. It doesn't seem like George Town is ever truly empty! It seems like the younger crowd goes south - it's us old people going back to the U.S.

  3. You cannot possibly call yourself old!! You (and us) still belong to the younger crowd when it comes to sailing and RVing. :-)


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