Irrepressible Hastings fights Tumors, Vets, Parents, Wind and Waves

Hastings is literally the best boat dog ever. He’s been through a lot lately, but this morning when he swallowed the cheese pill pocket and spat out the pill, I knew everything was going to be OK.

3: times Hastings has tried to have a cancerous tumor on his elbow removed.
     1 - time his heart stopped and surgery was cancelled (Deltaville - boatyard - Sep 30)
     1 - cardiologist visit, by rental car, 2.5 hours from the boatyard, for 3 tests to find a heart murmur
     1- time he couldn’t get to a special surgeon because all rental cars in Virginia were gone due to Hurricane Matthew (October 4-22)
     1 - time he went to a special surgeon, had an anesthesiologist, and no issues (Nov 30)
12 hours - time shaved off his hospital stay due to his inconsolable crying (Standard Vet Procedure, if they make you suffer make sure they suffer too!)
3 seconds - time it took to refuse regular food and get upgraded to sick boy chicken chunks
12 - number of follow up visits to the vet he’ll have for the next 6 weeks (skin takes a long time to grow) 
2 days - time it took to master swallowing the cheese while spitting out the pills
20 knots - the wind velocity required to make our dinghy rides in our mooring field unbearable 
1 - number of soaking wet knickers it took to convince us to move to a hotel for a night or two after a wave drenched us     
     Hastings ER boarding: $250 a night
     Dinner Key Marina docking: $3/foot/a night
     Miami Beach Marina: $5-$8/foot/night a night (this one’s for you, Stephanie!) 
     Can you see why the hotel is our cheapest option? 
We don't let bastards win around here! We're enjoying the sun, palm trees, and every day that we're alive and kicking. Hastings is working on his very best "Why do pigs in the Bahamas swim" bark. He's going to need it! 

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  1. Poor Hastings! Glad he's on the mend. He's such a clever puppy spitting out his pills while eating all of the cheese that surrounds them.

    1. He's wiley! You can't cheat him into eating non-cheese products!

  2. Poor Hastings -- so happy he's not "letting the bastards win." But what an ordeal for you all. I know how difficult it is when our pup's aren't feeling well. And if we had to choose between paying up to $8 a night per foot for moorage, the hotel would win as well!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. It has been a terrible ordeal, and really hard to make Hastings suffer now to extend his life and mitigate against future suffering. We're going to use the bad weather and high prices as excuses to hotel in our favorite Florida places- so it's not all bad. Hastings ability to bounce back never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Hastings is one smart puppy! And, you two are smart cruisers. Resting up once in a while and enjoying some comfort is what keeps you on the water longer. Isn't it unbelievable that motel or hotel rooms are cheaper than dockage at certain marinas (just like RV parks)? What a crazy world...

    1. Everyone is enjoying the hotel. King bed, AC, hot water, fridge and microwave... and no wind or waves... It's pretty nice!

  4. You guys should try house sitting when you need another break. Some people don't mind you bring your dog. We never had a queen bed, though... :-)


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