Cape Florida, Miami!

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November 19th & 20th 
After a 5 day passage, Hastings had given up on ever seeing land again. It was depressing, but he had adjusted to his new Waterworld. When we pulled into No Name Harbor in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, he completely freaked out - barking, trembling with excitement and trying to leap off before we had docked. Everyone heard us coming! It was overcast, but the sun was still so bright and intense and we couldn't get over the palm trees! Heaven! 
Walking in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
Hastings LOVES land!
Cape Florida Lighthouse (1846) 
Fun memory: Matt has made it to the top of this lighthouse (many years ago). Lucy made it about 1/4 of the way before crawling out on her hands and knees. The view from the bottom is much more charming! 
Cape Florida Lighthouse
After a lovely walk, we decided to put on a show and undock, re-dock at the pump-out, and un-dock again. Sadly for us the wind was pushing us on to the concrete dock and we scraped up our fiberglass both times despite my fendering attempts. Our pride at being accomplished passage makers and therefore awesome sailors was appropriately diminished and silence reigned as we motored the mile to our anchorage. 
No Name Harbor
Biscayne Bight Anchorage
 Biscayne Bight has a really lovely sandbar and on hot weekends, it is the place to be! As we motored in, a very fast powerboat was careening towards us. We kept trying to veer away, but the captain had his binoculars out and trained on a James Bond boat, featuring James Bond girls. Somehow, the captain avoided hitting us, and one of the many law enforcement boats sped off after the distracted driver. I can't give you an update on the confrontation as we were too busy with our own binoculars.
Party at the sandbar!
See the sailboat with blue mast lights? We don't have any! 
Our pathetic attempt at fitting in
 In the Chesapeake Bay and on the ICW, we were often the only catamaran and felt a little "too bling". Here in Miami we are literally the most pathetic boat in the anchorage and people ask us if we really live "on that thing". The other boats are yachts with all sorts of crew, toys, and mega underwater lightage.  Ahh, we love you Miami! There is no other place like you on the eastern seaboard!
Beautiful Biscayne Bay
Yes, Lucy, that guy has more underwater lights than you! 
What's your funniest "pride before a fall" moment? 

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  1. Concrete docks suck! Even when you have fenders ready, just a small movement might involve a scrape. Some concrete docks in French Polynesia have massive black tires tied up to them. The chance of damaging the hulls is reduced, but the change to keep them white as well... I'm so happy you are all so happy in Miami. It is nice to be the underdog, isn't it? :-)

    1. Thankfully this is the only concrete dock we've been to, and hopefully we can attempt to avoid them in the future during windy days!

  2. Lucy - I like your approach to lighthouses. It's important that somebody stays down below to monitor things. I'm not sure what needs to be monitored, but I'm sure there's something important that needs to monitored.

    1. Giving the ground moral support and appreciation. It's under appreciated!

  3. So glad Hastings finally made it to land! It's amazing how adaptable they are, though. As long as they're with their people, they're happy -- why can't we all be like that?

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I know! And why can't I be as friendly and sweet and forgiving?


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