Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads

The internet defines Digital Nomad* as (wí * ėrd * ō): 
1: n. a seemingly normal person who is homeless and basically jobless, but somehow has money and travels on vacation all the time
2: n. us

*that wasn’t true until I posted this, but now it’s on the internet and it’s true ;)

The goal: being independent on Independence
Digital nomads are folks who, due to skills gained from a knowledge-based economy and technology that has allowed broadband internet to reach almost anywhere, can work remotely from any location they choose so they have no fixed, permanent residence. Since we are doing this from a sailboat, perhaps the term "digital snails” would be more appropriate…because we carry our home around at a very slow speed trying not to get squished.

Lucy is currently our primary breadwinner. 
Teaching for VIPKID
Freelance writing
Cruising editor for Waterway Guide

Matt does the boat projects. Oh, and he is a:
Freelance photographer, writer, illustrative graphic designer

Hastings the boat dog is a bum who likes to eat nice food. Chicken please, no muck.

When we left our well-paying and secure university jobs three years ago, we set out to have a nice sabbatical and then return to work. As the bank account dwindled, we quickly realized that we just can't return to a life of death-defying commutes to the office where you slowly die in front of a computer. We have met quite a few people in our travels who feel this way, many of whom find their way to working online. On this page you'll find tips, tricks, and what we've learned in our journey to become truly independent on Independence.

Making Money Online

Teaching English Online: VIPKid

Coming Soon:
What I've Learned about Upwork
Freelance Writing Options Online

Keeping Our Boat Online

Staying Online While Traveling
Cell Phone Amplifier/Booster
Lucy's Nomadic Cell Phone Speed Test Map

Helpful Links & Resources

VIPKid: Teach English Online
Getting Internet While Cruising Facebook Group

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