Meet the Crew

Lucy, Hastings and Matt, Biscayne Bay, Florida, December 2014
We met as young people while both earning our pilots licenses. We lived aboard a 31-foot sailboat as newlyweds. Boat projects on a project boat demoralized us and broke the bank and after 6 months we sold the boat. We moved to Key Largo landside and owned a 19 ft runabout which we used for sunset cruises. We then bought a 21 ft cuddy cabin and trailered it all over Florida, living aboard for a week at a time while exploring Florida's waters. 10 years after moving back to land, we bought our current boat, a 38-foot sailing catamaran, Independence. After selling our house, we then lived aboard at a dock while working full-time jobs for one final year. 

We left the dock for good 2 years ago, in the summer of 2016. Since then, we've been cruising about 5,000 miles a year in the US East Coast and the Bahamas. 

We've anchored under the Washington Monument in D.C., spent way too much time demoralized in the boatyard, and anchored in crystal clear water in the Bahamas. 

There's been plenty of ups and downs. For all the moments we've questioned our sanity and longed for A/C, heat, hot water and a car, we've loved every minute and can't imagine any lifestyle that we'd rather live. 
Anchored Under the Washington Monument, August 2016
Don't forget the multiple, demotivating sojourns in the boat yard! 
Cruising the Bahamas. Days like this make it all worth it.
When we left our jobs, we planned on cruising a few years on savings and then returning to a land-based life with land-based jobs. We had accumulated savings through working 2 good jobs and selling our house. 

However, when our savings started running low in November 2017, we couldn't face the prospect of spending hours commuting, fighting over the photocopier, and fitting our sandy feet into real shoes. The shoes just don't fit the way they once did. 

We've since transitioned to working part-time from the boat. We work about 20 hours a week each. Lucy teaches English online through video conferencing and Matt does freelance graphic design, writing, and photography. We're on a mission to maximize our time in sheltered anchorages, eating cheeseburgers in paradise and talking long walks on quiet beaches. 

Dulcinea (right) in St. Michaels, MD, June 2019
In late 2018, optimistic after having successfully worked aboard and cruised for a full year, we sold the Independence in order to move onto a smaller boat. We purchased a 38-foot Cabo Rico monohull in January 2019. 

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