Hasting's Update from St. Michaels, MD

I was recently asked by a fan to share my feelings about our new home. 

I better stop myself right there and explain that sentence. First off, I bet you didn’t realize I had fans, did you. #humblebrag 

Well, I have many. Dozens? Hundreds? I can’t really count more than more-than-one. But I know more than one thing for certain: when I walk into West Marine I am greeted with a picture of myself, looking stunning in tan. The Long Haired One is present in the photo also, but fuzzy and in the background. The other thing I know is that fans approach me often. “Oh, is that a cocker spaniel?” they all said in the Carolinas. “Look at that cocker spaniel!” they all exclaim in Virginia. Life is good here, for I have found my people. 
Famous. Paw-graphs available only with dinner invitations. 
Did you say you got a new home, Hastings? Yes, we moved aboard a new boat in January. We lived on it in the boatyard, and now at a marina. We’ve done a few weeks of sailing and living at anchor too. It’s fine, though it does not have as much space as the old boat. That works better for me in the end. I prefer to be directly beneath the One True Daddy at all times anyway, so that I may help him up should he trip (he often does-I don’t know why) and so that I may look cute and calm him should he curse about not having a place to put his feet (he often does that too-I’m not sure why).
Right next to Dad.
The best thing about this new boat is that it took me to meet new fans. These fans are in Maryland, and with any luck, they’ll be teaching those Carolina and Virginia stiffs a thing or two. In Solomons, we went out to dinner. This is definitely the best thing about traveling. During the summer, when the boat is hot, my people don’t often leave me alone aboard. So I go everywhere; I even get to go to restaurants. Traditionally, this has always been a bit disappointing. Yes, they often snuck me bites when no one was looking. Burgers, fries, etc. Always a tiny offering. But in Solomons, the server was the most caring and thoughtful fan I had ever met. She produced a plate of french fries. She said, “I’m not sure if dogs are allowed to have fries…” I got worried, but I rolled out my “I Can Have Anything” face and they were given. Delicious.

We left Solomons the next morning and cruised to a place called St. Michaels. 
Nice anchorage. Where's the food?
Now I must lodge one complaint about the new boat: the dinghy is ridiculous. It’s loud and stinky and slow. It takes forever to get to shore. Get on that crew!
If the dinghy is slow enough to take pictures from, it's not fast enough.
The dock at St Michaels had some of the nicest bathroom facilities we’ve come across. A city park with a well manicured and well-fertilized lawn. Just lovely. And I needed it after that dinghy ride.
I don't usually request photos of my facilities, but when I do they're nice!
Not food.
We walked into a busy little town. Lots of fans, potential fans, and fans who weren’t fans yet. We went to another restaurant. I was braced for disappointment as the waiter brought baskets of food over to the table. He took one off the tray, and it went down past the table. It was placed in front of me. It contained an entire chopped hamburger patty, cooked and cooled just enough to eat without slowing down. So I didn’t slow down. "What sort of residency requirements does Maryland have?" I ask as I lick my chops.
Hamburger? Uh, yes, please! I love Maryland!
The next morning we go for breakfast. I was given a slice of bacon while the crew enjoyed crepes. We walked the town and stopped by the brewery. They didn’t have food, but I was allowed to sit inside, in the AC at the bar with them. What a day! The next day we went to the pizzeria. My Darling Mom, who is now giving me choices from the menu, offers the “Lady and the Tramp pasta and meatballs” or the “Sammy’s Beef Stew”. The Lady and the Tramp was amazing. 
Drinking up the AC at the Brewery.
The only bummer about this situation is that apparently going to restaurants and receiving food is not free. I was informed that my Cocker Spaniel Appreciation Enterprises venture was not yet in the black and that unless revenues improved dining out would be curtailed. Regardless, every walk into town I encouraged them to try something. Ice cream, bars, pubs, brunch, dinner, lupper, elevensies, etc. And I did get to go back and try Sammy’s Stew, which was delicious but contained stupid vegetables that you had to eat around and spit out.
Nice house. You got food?

Our time in St Michaels came too soon to a close and we set sail back to Virginia. I still like Virginia, but now when I snooze I’m thinking about Maryland and all that it has to offer! 
Here's to hoping for a quick return to St. Michaels!

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  1. How awesome that you’re both on the West Marine poster - two fantastic models! Well, Hastings seems to have this changed boating life all figured out. Life’s about food? Don’t we all agree? :-)

    1. Yes - Right now it's all about food AND air conditioning!

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