Solomons, MD

Rather foolishly, we left the perfectly wonderful embrace of Onancock and arrived in Crisfield, MD. The anchorage felt too small. A survey of the area revealed a fence around the marina. The marina office was closed. The waterfront restaurants were closed. We didn't launch the dinghy. We began to miss Onancock.
Leaving Onancock.
Crisfield, MD
Route: Onancock to Crisfield to Solomons
We sailed to Solomon's, Maryland, back on the western shore. Thankfully, we had our enclosure up and were protected from the wind, noise, and water onslaught.  Hastings started to deteriorate. He's been seasick twice in his life - both times in Chesapeake Bay. You'd think the Bay would be fine, fine, fine, but it's really like the ocean out there. Passing the Potomac, we had steady 25 knot winds and a steep chop.

As we neared Solomon's, we were developing quite a list of needs. Laundry. Showers. Dinghy dock. Dinner cooked by someone else. The marina clerk seemed quite nervous telling me that a mooring now costs $40. She didn't realize how little money matters to people that have dog vomit on them. 

I picked up the mooring line, which was blanketed in patent pending Chesapeake Bay mud. More laundry to do! 
Survivor: Out of the ocean, into a squall! Thanks, humans!

We had showers. We did laundry. We walked to a restaurant. Hastings was introduced to Maryland hospitality: he received a huge bucket of ice water and a plate of fries. He began to forgive us. The bucket was quickly repurposed as a dinghy bailer as we recently realized the tedium of bailing by cup.  We like Solomons! 
Drum Point Lighthouse at Calvert Marine Museum
Drum Point Lighthouse
Mooring field at sunset

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  1. It's amazing what dog vomit will do to your financial priorities.

    1. Yes! Sometimes bucket laundry just isn't good enough.


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