Onancock, VA: photo tour

Onancock from the anchorage
Onancock wasn't on the list for our summer tour until a friend mentioned the town had a bakery with donuts. Sold! We arrived and discovered a cheese shop, an Irish pub, sweet houses, and lovely walks. What could be better? 
Onancock Wharf and Marina
Sugar overload!

Town Lending Library

Ker Place
45 ft long, 5 log oyster canoe "Annie C'
Annie C was repaired after Hurricane Hazel, but you can see the original 5 logs used to build the hull. 
Walking back to the dinghy dock
Home sweet home

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  1. We're planning to bring "Sionna" - our 32' ketch - back North from Florida next winter, and the Eastern shore is definitely on the list!


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