Dollar Harbour, South Cat Cay, Bimini Islands

South Cat Cay, Bimini Islands, Bahamas
 February 13-18th, 2017
We spent 6 nights in Dollar Harbour off South Cat Cay. We went through our first cold front at anchor in the Bahamas, clocking 35 knot winds. The anchorage is protected from west winds by the Cay. We were technically completely exposed to east winds, but the sand banks fringing the Great Bahama Banks gave a surprising amount of protection and we were never truly uncomfortable. The current in this anchorage is so strong that in any wind less than 15 knots we swung on the current instead of into the wind.

We enjoyed a beautiful anchorage, got tired of pointing out sea turtles to each other, and had the place pretty much to ourselves. 

Lagoon 380 sail catamaran at anchor, Dollar Harbour, South Cat Cay, Bahamas
Clear waters - you can see our anchor chain! Atlantic Ocean on the left side of the cay.
Lagoon 380 sail catamaran at anchor, Dollar Harbour, South Cat Cay, Bahamas
Family Photo!
Sea Turtle swimming on Great Bahama Banks, South Cat Cay, Bahamas
Sea Turtle! There were tons of turtles but they were so hard to photograph.
Anchor chain in clear waters, Bahamas
Can't get over how easy it is to check on our anchor chain. (Yes, it's all going catywampus due to the current opposing the wind)
Conch shells on the beach, Bahamas
Shells on the Atlantic side of South Cat Cay
Atlantic beach, South Cat Cay
Shells in the water, Bahamas
Shells, South Cat Cay
Hermit Crab with conch shell, Bahamas
Hermit Crab!
Conch shells with dinghy on beach, Bahamas
Conch shells on the Atlantic side
Boat dog enjoys the turquoise Bahamas water
Turquoise. Matt's favorite. The colors in the Bahamas are amazing!
We circumnavigated the island at high tide and only had to pull the dinghy for a few feet over a sand bar. The flats just go on forever on the banks side. 
Boat dog enjoys the clear Bahamas water
Clear white. Lucy's favorite. (I think Hastings agrees with me!)
Sunrise over Great Bahama Bank
Sunrise. You know, because we get up at sunrise to wash the boat (you know, using the morning dew) and listen to Chris Parker like real cruisers. 
But wait, we are not done with South Cat Cay! Next time, we'll go on an oh so fascinating tour of the interior of the island and investigate the secret of the shrine. 

What's your favorite water color? Turquoise? Clear? Dark blue? 

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  1. Wow! Cool pictures. The drone was a great investment. My favourite colour of water is actually glacial turquoise green because you know you're headed somewhere special when it shows up. Happy Friday!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Ohh, I have seen that green from land but never from the boat. We really didn't know if the drone would be worth it - but we've had a lot of fun with it so far!

  2. Just caught up with the grand adventure. Kudos on the fabulous photography. It's all here. Drone, underwater, portrait, pet, wide angle. Who knew all those early hours of practice would come in so handy for this "life adventure". I am keeping track! Soon, your fair maiden is going to be as tanned as bettlenut. Next, a cookbook? Yes. More underwater, please! Hastings has texted and asks for more star footage -no shark scenes. The drone purchase was brilliant. Miss you guys, but this is like being a mosquito on the mast. Great blog. Fab family.

    1. We're really happy with the drone. They are so inexpensive now! We do need to do more underwater, we'll get on it! Thanks for following along - we miss you guys!

  3. What a beautiful area. Favorite color of the water? It depends whether I am in the big boat, in the dinghy, swimming, snorkeling or walking. :-) But, turquoise blue does the job most times. Next up, is learning where to find good-size conch (maybe you can use the drone for that?) and how to get the animals out, and then: homemade conch fritters! :-)

    1. I never realized how many blues there are until we we came to the Bahamas! I can't imagine that all the work involved in getting conch ready to eat is worth it - it seems like a lot of work!- especially since shellfish makes me very unwell so it's only Matt that partakes.


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