Tarpon Basin, Bayside Key Largo

Manatees and sailing catamaran in Tarpon Basin, Key Largo
Tarpon Basin: Manatees, Sunsets, and dinghy exploration!
January 27-Feb 7, 2017
We've been hanging out in Tarpon Basin, Key Largo, waiting for a new screw so we can put our old props back on after our starboard folding prop got stuck in the folded position. We've been back and forth with the manufacturer, and there is no support available. Our old props feature metric screws with random thread counts, and one of the screws got bent. The screws are only sold in a kit, so we're buying all sorts of things we don't want. The kit was ordered and initially promised Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday looked good, don't worry, there's always Monday! 

There is a dinghy dock here with a park and free Wi-Fi. Publix grocery store, K-Mart, West Marine, restaurants and a Yanmar dealer are all within 1 mile. I've been in big trouble with Publix's BOGO potato chip deals. And they have a British section with chocolate digestives and pickled onions. Terrible place.  A free pump-out boat comes through the anchorage once a week. Then there's my spreadsheet on the movements and habits of Humphrey the Manatee. Even though we hadn't planned on staying in Key Largo, we've had a lot of "Borderline 11" sunny days in Tarpon Basin. 
Government Center Park and Dinghy Dock, Tarpon Basin Key Largo
Park by dinghy dock, Hastings ignoring Dad's new toy.
Paddle boarding in Tarpon Basin Key Largo
Morning paddle
Drone shot of Tarpon Basin Key Largo
Matt's flying his drone, I'm on the paddle board
Mangrove tunnel, Dusenberry Creek, Key Largo
Mangrove tunnels, Key Largo
Hastings enjoying exploring the mangroves in Key Largo
Hastings loves a good dinghy ride!
Mangrove Tunnel, Key Lago
Exploring mangrove tunnels
Sailing Catamaran Independence at sunset, Key Largo
Key Largo sunsets are the best!
Tarpon Basin Dinghy Dock at dusk
The dinghy dock and anchorage....waiting for our Papa John's pizza to be delivered! I'm always impressed by the delivery driver's non-plussed reaction to "meet us in the dark corner, by the dumpster, behind a random parking lot" instructions.
Key Largo sunset from the water
Keys sunset
Tarpon Basin at dusk
Dusk over Tarpon Basin. The sunsets last forever and seem like an impressionist painting. Beautiful!
Blue underwater lights
The water is so clear here; we're enjoying our underwater lights (and viewing bucket)
What's your favorite thing to "Buy one, get one free"? 

Check out our 1 minute video of Tarpon Basin, the mangrove tunnels and manatees at sunset! Enjoy! 

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  1. Those sunsets are beautiful. A drone is such a wonderful toy to have on a sailboat! The "shorts from above" are priceless.

  2. Don't even get me started on trying to find anything metric in the US(Canada's just as bad even though it's their system of measurement). But more importantly, Walmart sells chocolate Digestives (direct from the UK) for $2.98 a roll. If your local store doesn't have them on the shelf, you can order them online but they cost a little more. :-)

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. We like to say "what a metric pain in the ass". If we had a house, I'm sure screws would be at the hardware store and cost 10 cents. But no, everything has to be a fight!
      I would never have guessed that Wal-Mart sold digestives!

  3. I really enjoy your post, specially the photographs...i lived on my houseboat "SeaRoom", anchored out in Sunset Cove in 2002-2005 until Hurricane Wilma did me in. The mangrove channel and the lagoon off Dosenberry once had a 10 foot crocodile hanging around in there. Our dinghy dock was Bayside Inn's pier, we tied to the mangrove roots, eventually it was closed and a fence is up with " no trespassing" sign...we have the locals to thank for this, for leaving old bicycles and trash by their fence and empty beer cans under the tree. It was a beautiful place for those who appreciated the convenience, near Waldorf Plaza stores.

    1. Thanks for reading! We really love the Key Largo area. You just can't beat a Keys sunset!

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