World Cup Sailing

For the whole of January, World Cup sailing took over Dinner Key's boat ramp, dog park, the mooring field channel and Biscayne Bay in general.

World Cup boats prepping in Hastings's park. They did not ask his permission.
 I'd be minding my own business, doing the dishes, and suddenly there would be a loud Snap! Is that my mother, aggressively playing her favorite card game? Has our mast fallen off? No! It's a sailor, gybing 10 feet from our boat. The first few times Hastings informed the sailors of our safe perimeter requirements, but then it became too much effort. I think he was put out that they had taken over his dog park with their boats.
Hello, Canada!
They provided us plenty of entertainment and we enjoyed all the flags: Sweden, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia. What country is MNE? I bet it was a real treat to come from England in January and enjoy the lovely warm waters of Biscayne Bay!
Wind surfing
Racing up the channel
We liked these boats the best. They were monohulls with flared bits on each side.
The (training) race is on!
Red and black are nearly in a tangle they are so close!
 Some of these sailors will end up representing their countries at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so that's neat. We probably won't be watching since we are planning on getting to the Bahamas in 2020.
Do you watch or play any sports? 

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  1. I hope you get to the Bahamas before 2020! What a fun sight and distraction to see all those colors and fast toys go by. We always enjoyed watching local races in the anchorage, wherever we were, but, always hoped none of the boats would run into us as well.

    1. These sailors had no fear and were very confident in their skills. No way would I want to sail through a crowded mooring field!

  2. Is destroying your life a sport? I'm pretty sure I'd quality for the Olympics in that field! I've been practicing.

    1. I'm sure it would be highly competitive. The good news is, there's no discrimination against drug users in the "destroying your life" sport!


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