Miserable Anywhere: Mobjack Bay

Isn’t life grand? You can be happy anywhere, or miserable anywhere. I can be happy in a rainstorm, happy motoring up narrow canals, happy going to work. But put me on a luxury yacht, no job, no responsibilities, give me a beautiful secluded beach, and I’ll find a way to be miserable.

We had woken up that morning to a serene scene - the sun rising over the still water. And there lies the problem. The sun. Still water. Our cruising motto is “Live in the sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the wild air”(Ralph Waldo Emerson). What a beastly, hateful motto. Absurd!

Live in the sunshine. As I mentioned, we awoke with the sun. By 7AM, it’s unbearable. It’s reflecting off the water, in our eyes. I start to hang our sunshades and am overwhelmed by the intensity of the sun - and it’s only 7:30! We take Hastings to the boat ramp for a walk. He’s eager to walk further on, into the sun. He’s crazy! The sun is evil. It’s the shade we want. I’ve heard winter is coming, but the weather channel says its 99/feels like 116. Give me winter, Melissandre! I don’t care if the night is dark and full of terrors as long as it’s cold!

Hastings wants to walk in the sun!
Swim in the sea. Well, the “sea” has been brown colored for the longest time. Now it’s a better color, but it’s murky. I can see my hand underwater - if I use my imagination. Also, with a water temp of 90 degrees, it’s not refreshing. And don’t brain eating amebas like warm, still water? I’ve seen crabs swimming here - is a crab about to bite the hand that I’m imagining I can see? Where are my feet? Get out, get out now! "Refreshed?” Matt asks. I just glare in response. The brain eating ameba has destroyed my ability to produce words.

Drink the wild air. I’m trying to breathe, but it’s too hot. I’m being suffocated by breathing. I feel sick, nauseous, dizzy with a headache. It’s total meltdown time. We move the boat out into the bay, in front of a beautiful beach. At least there’s some airflow here. Matt claims he doesn’t mind the heat, but later in the day, the misery gets to him. He can’t finish clipping the dog, he scrapes his wrist on the dinghy motor while driving us to the beach, and he is driven mad by the swarm of flies that arrives to feast on our near-dead bodies.

So, here we are, on our luxury yacht, no bosses, beautiful beach in a secluded bay, watching the sun set and writing a new motto: Hide in the shade, sit on the couch, drink in the climate controlled air.

Looks nice...from the A/C! 
What's the most unexpected place you've been miserable in? I'm looking for some Disney tantrum stories! 

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  1. Luckily, you have AC! And, probably a water maker to create enough water for rinsing off. I guess no tropical sailing for you, huh? :-) Clear seawater is a must for enjoyable cruising in my opinion. Summers in the Caribbean and South Pacific sound pretty similar to what you guys are experiencing. Yikes. Sometimes it is more the humidity than the sun that makes one nauseous, or creates a headache in my case. The worst about these climes, I find, is that you can't do anything for lack of energy and that is pretty bothersome when boat chores and daily jobs to make money are necessary... :-(

    1. That's very true. We had one day last week that was cooler and I was rushing about doing laundry and cleaning and couldn't believe how much energy I had!

  2. The heat and the humidity can be so overwhelming at times. There are days when I don't want to leave my air conditioned boat. If only Hastings could walk himself, the humans could stay behind and nap in the cool air.

    1. It's really tough to get going in the heat! I wish we could bottle it and save it for next month - when I'm sure to be complaining about the cold!


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