Humiliation and Giggles: Albermarle Sound and Pasquotank River, NC

We got up and left the anchorage. My humans are mean and didn’t take me to shore, even though I could see the shore. They said it was “just swamp” and had “no place to walk” but I could see trees, so I’m not sure what the problem was. I thought about walking there myself- I could, you know, by just jumping from crab pot to crab pot, but didn’t think it was worth the effort. I’m not a morning dog.

We went up Alligator River and then into Albermarle Sound (so they say, I don’t know where I am, I am just the dog!) The LHI nearly ran us into a rock, and she jerked the wheel back and forth to avoid crab pots. The way I see it, avoiding crab pots is an enrichment opportunity. It’s like the video game Frogger, only real life! They need something to keep themselves occupied, otherwise they turn to bathing me, combing my hair, or giving me too many cuddles.

I'm not sure how any creatures live out in North Carolina; it shouldn’t be “first in flight” but “What shall we kill and eat for dinner tonight?”. There’s 10 million crab pots, 20 thousand duck blinds, shrimpers criss crossing across the Sounds, big boats casting for fish. And if its not commercial fisherman, its single humans like mine, raking and walking for clams; throwing hooks out for crabs. Every type of fishing rod is in use on every type of fish. From sunup to sundown, it’s a killing and eating spree! Sometimes the humans talk about eating hot dogs and my eyes get a little wide. I’m hot, and this is North Carolina - maybe I’m next on the menu!

Anyway, they then drove by Elizabeth City, which looked like it had a nice park to walk in, but they said it was too hot. I don’t disagree, it’s been really hot. I do like walks though….

Doesn't it look like a wonderful den? 
The humans have this box on their boat. They open the box and cool air comes out. I usually try to get in this box - I think with some minor adjustments, I could make a den in there, but they say it’s just for the food. See how perfect the box is? Cool air AND food?

We went through two bridges and then stopped for the afternoon. The humans finally received the message about taking me to shore and we got in the dinghy and went to a wooden platform. 
Sailing catamaran at anchor, Pasqoutank River, NC
Swamp Walk
We walked (there were three platforms connected by a boardwalk for kayak campers) and then came back to the dinghy. Sure, it’s nice to stretch the legs, but I was really hoping to roll in grass…. grass! Right here by the dinghy! How did I not notice that the first time? I step off, looking forward to that wonderful dirt between the toes feeling ….. and sink. Like a rock. Cold, that’s nice. Wait - dark. Can’t see. Can’t breathe! Can’t breathe- that’s not good! Swim to the surface! Swim? How can I be swimming in grass? It's water! I break free to the surface. Confusion. Humiliation. Desperation. 
Deception Grass!
The humans are giggling as they grab me and haul me in. The giggling continues while I try and get my bearings. What just happened? What kind of place is this? A terrible one. Let's get back to Independence so I can make another attempt at the cold box with food! 
Dog and Dinghy fixing, Pasqoutank River
Dad loves to fiddle with his dinghy engine - LOVES IT! 
Sail catamaran at anchor, dog in dinghy
Enough adventure - let's go home to Independence!
Pasqoutank River, NC
Pasquotank River, ICW, North Carolina 
Yet another aggravation: screens to prevent my full use of my indoor outdoor patio. 
Sunset, sailing catamaran, Pasquotank River, ICW, NC
Another day draws to a close...what larks await tomorrow?
Have you ever been mistaken before? Was it humiliating? Wet? Did anyone giggle rudely? 
Kisses, Captain Hastings

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  1. I'm very jealous of your front opening fridge/den. So much easier to find things than in a top loading one.

    1. The shelves even pull out like drawers....but the LHI keeps forgetting that, struggles getting things from the back, and DDD and I get to giggle - Hasty.

  2. The front opening fridge is awesome. We loved ours, but still had to go scrambling in to find things (no drawers), which was a good excuse when it was hot. Maybe you can get a coolbox/cooler for Hastings and put a few cooling elements or ice cubes in it to keep it a tad cold as his den?

    I remember those ICW days in Georgia and other areas where shore existed out of only reeds and a bit of mud. Dirty times, since our dogs did not go potty on the deck. Sorry to see that the outboard is still causing issues. Maybe put those frogs to work, or you could release them there? They might like those green, wet surroundings better than Hastings!

    1. Hastings would love the cool box! We actually will run the AC on our generator if it gets too hot - and we've been doing that in the last week.
      The outboard is actually OK - Matt was just re-adjusting the idle. He likes to fiddle with it at least once a day! We did try to release the frogs here since it looked like frog heaven, but they just swam back onboard!


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