Summer Vacation Part 3: Northbound

After relaxing at Bahia Honda for a few days, it was time to slowly motivate ourselves northward towards our home port.

It's not all fun and games. The engines are checked every morning before departure
OK, maybe it is all fun and games!
Carysfort Lighthouse. We stopped here for a break before sailing overnight to NPB.
Part of the reef here is exposed with breaking waves. Dramatic!
Night sailing
Our night sail back home was enchanting. Our wake was phosphorescent, the seas were calm, the winds were favorable. Even with the glow of Miami (which is charming in its own way), I saw stars. The moon rose on my shift. I'd be doing a casual glance about, see this huge, bright white light, and then remember it was the moon.
Container ship at sunrise (it seemed a lot closer!)
It was a real challenge to go back to work after such a fabulous vacation. I am reminded how incredibly lucky to have such beautiful waters to vacation in - and jobs that pay for our boat and bills!

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How did Hastings enjoy his summer vacation? Find out next time in Dog Days of Summer.

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