Christmas Vacation: Biscayne Bay

We took the Intracoastal south from North Palm Beach to Miami during Christmas vacation. Now, it's time for the fun to begin! 

Day 6

Anchor up; time to leave Biscayne Bight and head to the destination we thought we’d arrive at a week ago: Elliot Key. We sailed in 15-20 knots of wind and arrived in time for lunch. Hastings was thrilled and delighted to be dinghied to land. How he loves land! I was pleased as punch to discover my hat, thought lost to Neptune, was actually lodged in the dinghy. Nice save, dinghy!
Dinghy on Elliot Key sandy beach
One of the sandy beaches on Elliot Key

Day 7

Beach, reading, staring! 
Lagoon 380 sailing catamaran at anchor
Independence at Sunset

Day 8

Morning walk for the dog. We have been anchored all alone, while to the north 10 sailboats all huddled together. We sailed north 2 miles to the chosen destination which was rejected due to the water not being as clear as Matt likes. We ended up where the gaggle of sailboats had been; however, they had all left for their next destination or moved to where we were previously.
Clear waters at Elliot Key Beach
Clear water, private island, dream boat, all alone - what more could we ask for? 
Anyways, this new spot (1 mile from the old spot) is great. So much better. There is a perfect beach for wading and walking, and a sandbar for sandbar-ing. Hastings was very worried about the various boaters that got stuck on the sandbar and stared and barked as if he does not understand societal convention. They extracted themselves from the sandbar, only to hit it at high speed shortly after. 
Boat dog walking on Elliot Key sandbar at dusk
Sandbar Fun
Now we have been thoroughly entertained, it is time to ponder the stories of the stars and the water worms that glow for 10 seconds and then fade.
Starry night at anchor from our Lagoon 380 sailboat
I see stars! 
Underwater light with fish swimming
Testing our underwater fishing light. No holes in the boat required!

Day 9

Morning beach walk. Lucy finally pull-starts the dinghy engine on the first time and without instruction. Hastings accepts this and does not engage in the hysterical barking that has been his usual job. We are finally, finally, getting into a daily swing of happiness and ease. It rains and rinses the decks and then the sun shines brighter than before. We apply bug spray before we get to the beach and are left to enjoy the peace instead of screeching like zombie victims (do zombie victims screech?). The cockpit faces the open bay and the trampolines face our private beach. We never want to leave. It seems like a lifetime since we were at Lake Boca last week. We watch the other sailboats leave and new ones replace them. I wonder who they are, where they came from, where are they going?

Day 10. Its New Years Eve, for goodness sakes!

We took Hastings to a final lark at the sandbar. The sun was shining, the water was clear and blue and green. Simply glorious. 
Boat dog enjoys dinghy rides at the Elliot Key sandbar
Final jolly at the sandbar
Alas, we needed to make our way back to land and work. It was an easy sail back to Biscayne Bight. People in their houses were again holding raves. A DJ with a microphone said approx every 35 seconds, it's New Years Eve for godsakes. The anchorage was full and Miami put on quite the show; fireworks from Homestead to Miami Beach filled the sky. 
New Years Eve sunset from our cataraman
New Years Eve - tea and kisses! 
Downtown Miami fireworks seen from our boat
New Years Eve Fireworks, Miami

Day 11. New Years Day

We got up at first light to sail back home. Sailing for 12 hours was the perfect way to start off 2016.This is the year we will become full-time layabouts. 2016 seemed like a way away when the spreadsheet started, and here it is- time to take the final step, out into the unknown. 
Catamaran sailing
Sail away!

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  1. Getting into a "daily swing of happiness and ease" sounds like a goal we should all aspire too. I think it's probably for the best that you don't know if zombie victims scream. If you did, that would mean that you've been way too far for comfort to them. Cheers - Ellen

    1. Good point! I hope I never have personal experience with zombies. If I do, I think the boat is a good place to be; the White Walkers in Game of Thrones didn't seem like they could swim.


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