Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera: A Photo Tour

Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera
April 18, 2018
Sailing through Current Cut.
How did we find Alabaster Bay? It was half way between our departure point, Meeks Patch, and our destination, Rock Sound. Don't you love it when low expectations reveal a gorgeous low tide beach? 
Lots of sandbars! Bonefish and small sharks in the shallows.
The Captains like a good sandbar adventure!
The water was just too inviting.
Textures and details.
It's a big sandbar!
Sand Dollar. Almost gone until next time.
Thanks for the unexpected delight, Alabaster Bay. What pleasant surprise have you encountered lately? 

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  1. None of our pleasant surprises are as pleasant as this one! I’m thinking hard here. I think we’d have to be out and about more to get pleasant surprises. But, we’ve been pretty much home buddies, to save money while we spend it all on camper parts and projects. All for greater goods and many pleasant surprises in the future. :-)

    1. This camper is beginning to sound like a boat :-) It takes a while to get everything set up and just the way you like it. Sometimes the pleasant surprise is the lack of unpleasant surprises!


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