Marsh Harbour, Man O War, Hope Town By The Numbers

21 Days: The number of days since my last blog post
714: The number of photos we have taken since the last blog post
Without further ado, let's start catching up! 

Marsh Harbour

Calm Night in Marsh Harbour
24 Hours: The amount of time we were glued to the Amel Show: It anchored on top of someone and got shooed off; then it re-anchored then got stuck at low tide. It then anchored on top of us shortly after Hastings retired for the night at 8PM. I'd say we yelled at them, but we didn't have to. They could hear us whispering. They wanted to know what TV show we were watching. To make matters harder for them, their anchoring method involved putting their anchor in their dinghy, driving it out 30 feet, and plonking it down. Then, they tied their dinghy to their boat and continued drinking. For the final act, their dinghy untied itself and went for a stroll. 
36 hours: The amount of time we spent, miserable and rolling, in 20-30 knots of west wind. It felt like 100 years. 
20 minutes: Spent watching one boat drag, pick up someones chain, and then hurtle in a two boat mash up towards boat #3.
4 hours: Watching a big, untended charter catamaran drag towards another boat. 
20 seconds: The amount of time it took to devour the "Best Panang Beef Ever" from the Asian Grocery. That's literally the name of the dish and it's true. 
25/15: Average Download / Upload (Mbps) from crazy fast LTE Internet that has never once thought about failing me.
$2.35: Lay's Stax potato chips
Priceless: Meeting my parents at the airport. 😃 

Hope Town

Happy Days Beneath Hope Town Lighthouse
100: Number of times we said "This is Heaven, We'll never leave". 
1: Number of times we said "This is Hell, Let's Leave Now and Never Come Back"
3: Number of classes marked "Teacher I.T. issue" during the great cell phone and Wi-Fi data crash
4: Number of students that didn't notice they couldn't see me because they didn't look up from their video games during said great internet crash. 
Happy Nights in Hope Town Harbour

Man O War 

Man O War Marina
30 seconds: the amount of time it took to devour Guava Buffalo Chicken from Hibiscus Café. (Actually 15 seconds, but we had it two nights in a row...)
4: Nights of glorious, wonderful, marina living 
6: The number of books I exchanged at the book exchange
6: The number of hours I spent doing laundry in between power and water outages. Every time the power came back on, the marina staff had to re-hot wire the machines. 
.99: Sale on potato chips at Man-O-War Grocery!
2: The number of times the marina cat tried to pirate our boat, exploring every room while we watched TV. Hastings slept through the entire ordeal.

Sea of Abaco

Fowl Cay Nature Preserve
10 million: the number of days it would take to get sick of sailing the Sea of Abaco
Shearwater Charter Sailing 
Would you rather have the Best Panang Beef Ever or Guava Buffalo Chicken? Hint: It's an impossible choice! 

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love your photos. The two taken at twilight are stunning! Did you use a tripod for those or just a steady hand?

    1. I hope all is well with you! The Marsh Harbour twilight is by hand from our boat on a calm night. The Hope Town picture was from a dock with a tripod. It's a longer exposure to capture the stars. I love a good starry night :-) We made the switch to Sony mirrorless (from Canon SLR) last year and we've been very happy!

    2. Everyone seems to love Canons, but it's hard to beat a good Zeiss lens so I'm not surprised you like the Sony better. I'm a bit old-school in my tastes and bought a Pentax K-5 years ago. It's not as tough as the K1000s we used in high school journalism and yearbook class, but it's close . . . it's also really heavy to carry around.

      As for us, let's just say the struggle is real -- selling a boat is no fun at all! But after wasting last year on bad decisions, we're in a good place now and I'm confident the boat will sell. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves. ;-)

  2. Great blog! Dan and I have similar numbers. As far as reality tv nothing beats watching what other boats do. It is our major entertainment evenings.from Noëlle &Dan from Pendant, now in Spanish Wells

    1. Ah, we are hoping to get to Spanish Wells soon. We'll be sure and anchor very close to you :-)
      It's hard to beat boat-watching in the Abacos with all the old-timers and charters and ferries all thrown together. I bet Eleuthera is going to be fairly tame and boring on that front!

    2. Also, did you notice your yellow float in the photo? (We still have not been brave enough to actually get in the water yet, it's too cold for us!)

  3. We were all set to get a curry from that Asian Mart when we decided to head back to Florida to get a new dinghy davit. I love that place and I was dying to try one of the curries they have. Good to know it's delish in case we ever get back there one day.

    1. So amazing! Marsh doesn't have the prettiest walks, but we do love a walk to the Asian grocery.

  4. Great post and pictures! So, what made Hope Town hell that one time out of 100?

    1. The way the internet died while I was working. I think the power to the cell tower went out. The Abacos have had non stop power outages. It's all fine and dandy until you're trying to keep a job going!

  5. We couldn't agree more that watching the anchorage (especially during heavier winds) is much better than watching TV! Best entertainment ever.

    1. It's good entertainment when it's not posing a threat to you! It sure gives Hastings plenty to bark at.


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