Man O War Photo Tour

Man O War Boat Entrance Channel
Entrance Channel
Man O War Channel: We shouldn't have eaten so many Guava Buffalo Chicken Strips!
Man O War Settlement
Man O War has a quiet, laid back feel. Most residents travel by golf cart, snap up $1 bags of potato chips at the pretty amazing grocery store, go to church on Sundays, and enjoy ice cream or dinner when the restaurants are open. You can do laundry when the power and water are on simultaneously, and if that doesn't happen, you can pick out a good book at the book exchange and just keep on trying. (All of Abaco has been hit by black outs, caused by bad cables, bad water pumps, delays due to sharks swimming around said bad cables, boats anchoring on good cables, etc.
Man O War Marina 
Man O War Atlantic Beach
Long Walks on the Beach
Conch Horns, Ready for Sunset! 
Man O War is a boat building island.
Sea of Abaco to the left, Atlantic Ocean to the right.
Albury Ferry Dock
Lignum Vitae, the National Tree of the Bahamas
We adored Man O War and really, really loved the guava buffalo chicken from Hibiscus Cafe. The water was clear, the Atlantic beach was near, and, when the power was on, the ice cream was cold :-) 

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  1. Sign me up! When David first introduced me to the idea of cruising all those years ago (19 -- can you believe it?), this is exactly what I had in mind -- white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and sunshine. How the heck we ended up wearing layers in the summer and hanging out in front of glaciers I'll never know . . . or understand. Clearly I was brainwashed!

    1. Ah, but hanging out in front of glaciers sounds glorious! And cold weather is the perfect excuse for an Irish coffee :-)

  2. Pretty pictures :-) We spent one night on a mooring there the first time we were in the Abacos. Pretty cool settlement.

    1. I like the fact there are very few cars and everyone travels by golf cart. I really don't like long commutes and traffic!

  3. Beautiful shots! You make me miss the Bahamas, Lucy. But not the unreliable internet. Or, lack of a washing machine. :-)

    1. The real problem is the power - when the power goes off, some cell towers shut down. Some (Green Turtle and Marsh Harbour) have great back up generators. Back in our house, I hated doing laundry. And, I had my own machines and could do anything else, including abandoning it for hours. Now, I can't imagine how lovely that would be. Civilized life sure has an appeal to it sometimes!


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