Manjack Cay Photo Tour

Manjack Cay offers a popular anchorage
Manjack is about 4 miles from Green Turtle and a very popular spot for those seeking to get away from it all. You won't find shopping, restaurants or Wi-Fi, but you will find tranquility, turtles, and beaches!  (Turtles are not pictured - they are just too fast for me!)
Manjack Cay (aka Nunjack)
Beach Trail! 
The island is privately owned, but the occupants welcome cruisers and even provide a gorgeous trail to the ocean beach. We took the trail last year when we were younger and more athletic:
June 2017 Manjack Tour
Pet Chickens Roaming. Please leash your dog! 
 Hastings obediently leashed me, per the sign. Unfortunately, his land lubber leash was lost, so he's sporting "left over, random boat line" tied off with a sailor knot.
Paradise Found!
The water is so tempting, everyone wants to wade!
Sailing into the sunset
We loved Manjack last year, and we love it again this year! We've sailed back and forth a few times, and each time there's a handful of cruisers who just haven't been able to tear themselves away. I don't blame them.....Manjack Cay is picture - perfect!

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  1. We enjoyed our short stay at Manjack as well, and meeting the owners, all those years ago. Great shots, as always!

    1. It sure is lovely here. What a great memory you have! I'm usually like, did we go there last year? I can't remember! (Wait, let's check the blog?)

  2. Abaco is a wonderful place to explore. On the far end (from Green Turtle) you can see a lot of sting rays...even pet them. It was great fun and no one else was there when we visited on The Pearl. Enjoy!

    1. Visiting the sting rays has been on our list for a week....but we've had such high winds we haven't wanted to make the trek yet. Our friends met sharks there too. I can't wait to check it out!

    2. Yes we say sharks too! I forgot about that....so much fun. I wish we were there is winter. Maybe another year.

  3. When you were "younger and more athletic"? If you guys are old and decrepit now, I'm not sure that I like what that makes me :-)

    1. It makes you still young! I was referring to little old Hastings, who at 13 is supposedly 91. He'd totally march all the way along the trail, and then start complaining about his arthritis and demand to be carried home. We need a doggie carrying back pack!


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